Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bless you tight, AA and many many stars,

There is never a dull day in the life and times of a Mother of a Twoddler and a baby boy.
It is always a learning experience. Whether it is discovering that every phillips screwdriver in the house is the wrong one to access the neurological system of Potty Elmo, or that batteries come in even numbers and toys come in odd. What's with that anyway? Are the two manufacturers in cahoots? Screws and nuts are the same. Damn industrialized nation we live in.

I guess with the Canadian dollar reaching an almost all time high we can afford to be purchasing extra packages for that one extra battery or nut.

I learned a new phrase recently as well.

Bless you tight!
Any thoughts on the circumstance provoking such a response from a twoddler?

Monday, October 22, 2007


Because it was about time.

I, err we all, joined the Y last week.

Today was day 1 and my hip flexors are already regretting it.

But it feels great!! I missed the solace that you find in exercise and the high that you get from running.

I jumped up in the treadmill and wanted to run full out... i only warmed up for 4 minutes ( bad bad bad) and then went for a run, I am regretting it completely now since I feel as if my legs are going to fall off! I am going to do it again tomorrow! Childcare and up to 2 hours to myself uninterrupted with my I-Pod and a healthy sweat! Worth every monthly penny that they want to suck out of me!

Exercise is good!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

15 minutes

It's simple... 1/4 of one hour. 15 minutes, 900 seconds...

Nothing new there, but oh how in accurate a statement can be.

As a Mom 15 minutes is an eternity!

It can mean enough time to do the following:

  • Prepare and administer one bedtime snack,
  • wash 1 sink full of dishes
  • brush one jumping up and down two-dler's teeth
  • change 2 diapers
  • hug kiss and put to bed one bouncing two-dler
15 minutes, the time that by noon each day I wish I could have to myself in silence.

15 minutes, would be a super long shower now a day.

15 minutes the time it took to blog this!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Where grey hair comes from!

A year ... WOW!

A lot has happened and after much procrastination I HAVE BLOGGED AGAIN!

I had coffee the other day at the new Starbucks on Highbury and the blogging (or lack there of) conversation came up, since I said I wanted to and I should get back to it I figured I would come true with my intentions.

I am completely dumbfounded that the last time I posted Hannah was barely a year old and now she is over 2, has a little brother that is almost 3 months old and is taking the world by storm.

So much has changed, she runs and jumps and pees on the potty( when she is so inclined). She tells us what she wants, she loves her brother and her Mommy and her Chris, err Daddy, and tells us all the time. She keeps us on our toes and makes us think before we speak. She is the joy that makes every sleepless night completely worth while! Yes I said sleepless nights. Cameron her handsome little brother thinks that sleeping is the shiznat! He sleeps through the night only waking once after 8 hours for a snack then dozes off again for another 3 or so hours. Hannah on the other hand wakes up if the wind changes direction and thinks that 6 am is sleeping in. I now understand where grey hair comes from.

The past year has seen so many changes in our life, new friends for Hannah means new friends for Mommy. New jobs, new Jeeps, new pant sizes... not the kind of new I was looking for, but all part of the grey hair. Old friends with new babies and new jobs and new adventures feeding their passions. It is amazing how old is new but new never becomes old. Everyday is something new in the life of a parent. Even the format of the blog is new!

I promise to keep tabs on all things new and all things old, and that is what the new blog is for!

Cheers again!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I need to blog...

I will soon, hopefully this weekend. Life is insane when you are a full time parent and a full time 50 hour a week employee of another company, by another I mean other than my home. I wish I could blog more but fact of the matter is that I have 2 hours a day where I am not at work or caring for Hannah and in that 2 hours I need to take care of everything else that does not fall into the previous 2 categories.

As a teaser update...

Hannah is now 13 months old (as of tomorrow) weighing in around 18lbs. She is walking/running and trying really hard to talk... her vocabulary includes, Mum, Daddy and sit which we hope is sit not shit! She has 9 teeth including a molar and another that is on it's way. She is energetic and inspiring. Her current favourite things are hugging all her stuffed animals, playing with all her really really noisy toys (especially the ones that still have live batteries in yes we are cruel parents) an playing chase with Mommy and Daddy. She loves Daycare and my provider is FANTASTIC!!!! She actually has 2 spaces at the moment( very rare occurrence apparently) so if you know of anyone that is in need of fantastic affordable daycare, in my area, send me an email.

That is all for now need to take care of my random domestic duties.

Check flicker regularly... I post there as often as I have the chance.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holy Cow Your 1

Happy 1st Birthday Amanda :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I know it has been too long, no excuses, just life!

Firstly a couple of hello's to those of you using MSN spaces since for some reason I am still unable to leave comments...grrrr!

Karen... You have a gorgeous head... Your fortunate! I am glad to hear that the chemo is going along as smoothly as it is. I always knew you were a strong woman, now this just goes to prove it.

Randi... Man he is a cutie amazing how fast they grow eh!?

Now onto my life.

Hannah as usual is growing like a weed, she is not gaining as much weight as 'they' would like to see but she is getting tall. As of last Friday she was 15 lbs 13oz and 28 inches long. She grew a whole inch in 3 weeks! She has grown 2 shoe sizes in a month and is currently shoeless in a 3. Shoeless is actually her preference, she hates having anything on her feet, socks, shoes or otherwise. I guess she takes after me in that respect, I too prefer to be barefoot.

We ventured out on vacation to Chris's Mom's trailer in Buckhorn about a week ago, Hannah had a blast, as did Chris and I. The trailer was 5 days full of many firsts for the little munchkin:
1. First Fall out of a trailer( typical childhood accident complete with blood a couple scrapes and a lot of tears... Nothing permanent though)
2. First swim in a big pool... She loved loved loved it!
3. First time climbing stairs.
4. First Camping experience ( I prefer to call it famping( fake camping) since there was no tent and the trailer had A/C, but she will experience the tent next weekend)
5. First time eating BBQ... chicken and taters, yuuuummmmmy!
6. First time being towed. Chris hooked up the remote contol jeep to the jogging stroller and towed her around the campground, she loved it and was a huge hit with the spectators!
7. First bug bite... A mosquito got her on the bottom of the foot, of all places!
8. First Power Outage... We got caught in a horrible storm that sprung tornados in a few places and actual killed a woman camping in a park only about 50 km from us.
9. First Visit to the family nurseries.
10. First Look at the Jeep Jamboree... We didn't actually go to it but we did go see all the jeeps venture off to the trail.
11. And of course her first summer vacation( first of many I am sure).

I am stunned how fast she is becoming a little person. She has discovered her voice, she has a few words like Mum and Baa and Rarrr, but does she ever love to squeal and shriek. It is as funny as it is annoying( only annoying when you are on the phone or trying to put her to sleep). She it getting close to walking and easily saunters along while holding onto a finger. She has also discovered that the water cooler is both shocking and funny. Especially when she empties a large quantity of water on the floor via a stream down her belly. We are at 7 for a tooth count and 8 is fast approaching. She has also discovered that there is water in the toilet and it is hilarious to play in, and equally as fun is the toilet paper roll. Now she is not like the Cottonelle kittens where unraveling it is the entertainment, she is more of the pull it off the roll and eat it type of girl. Needless to say both events have resulted in a permanently closed bathroom door!

Next weekend we are off to the annual Tillaart Family reunion in Prescott. I am completely excited for it this year since this is the first time that a lot of the family members have had the chance to meet her. Hard to believe that she will be almost 11 months old by then!

Well that is all for now... Sorry for the long gap in posts.

Enjoy what summer you have left.


Oh ya, all was clear with the tests in the last post... end result she has big tonsils! Thanks for the concerns and well wishes from all those who left them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

X - Rays...

So Hannah went for her 9 month appointment with the doctor on Tuesday, and the news was mixed. She is doing good weight and height wise but has fallen a bit in her progression. Her official by the doctor 9 mos stats are...

15lbs 4 oz( take off 7 oz for their scale and the diaper)
26 inches
head circumference 43cm

She is quite impressed with her physical development especially her curiosity. Dr. Malik had a hard time with her stethascope because Hannah kept grabbing it and trying to put it in her mouth. Ahhh teething is great :)

Now for the other news... Her lungs sounded wheezy and raspy. She sent her for a Chest X Ray today. Lets just say there was an archaic nature to the procedure today. She had to sit on this table with a bicycle type seat and a hole in the middle, then a tall acrylic, clear cylinder was wrapped and secured around her. Her poor little arms were straight up in the air and all that I could hold was her little fingers :( Apparently this 'device' is designed to evoke a crying response in order to get them to take a deep breath. Well, I could have gotten her to do that without the acrylic tube! Poor little girl looked so scared and confused.

We will have the results tomorrow, and then she has to see a specialist to have her lungs checked over and allergy testing done. Fingers crossed that it is just an allergy that is easily eliminated. I really hope that she didn't acquire Asthma from the 2 of us.

Other than that things are good. She has finally started cruising the furniture, and anything else she can grab onto.

Nothing at knee is safe!!!

I will keep you all posted.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the move...

First off I would like to start out with a quick messsage to all my MSN Spaces friends.... grrr I am still unable to leave messages on it so I give up.

Karen... You are the strongest woman I know I thoughts will be with you through this adventure. I am scrabble fan too... what a great way to pass the time. I love the fact that you are empowering you potential future baldness... you will save a fortune on shampoo for a while, don't forget to sunscreen though.

Randi... damn he is cute. Sorry about your freind, that has to be tough. I know a couple people with MS and it is a horrible disease. I hope he has found peace in his decision.

RebSteb... I am worried about you... are you OK? Oh and would you be interested in playing on a Tuesday 3 pitch league team? Nothing too competative but we are good... 2 and 1 so far.

So now on with the Hannah updates...

As of her 9 month weigh in she is officially 14lbs 11oz and 26.5 inches long.
She is now standing and moving between furniture, no cruising yet but she is close. She crawls like everything is a race... it is too funny. She has 6 teeth, 4 on the top 2 on the bottom and she is now chewing on everything she can get her hands on...errr mouth on. She is finally starting to get more vocal and has several 'sounds' in her repitoire... including but not limited to Braaa bra bra, and Mum mum mum mum, and then of course the various high pitch squeels and the fake coughs!

Well that is all for the moment, here is a video for your viewing pleasure...

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Victoria Day Post

So it is a stat and I am not getting paid for it ... Weird! I have been off work for almost a year and I am still not used to it.

So last night we went to the May 2-4 BBQ and fireworks extravaganza in Lawrence Station at Bill and Mary's and despite the single digit temperature we had a great time. The bonus to it being so friggen cold was the fact that we didn't need coolers for the food or the drinks :) We did however cut the fireworks short because it was getting too close to freezing for all the kiddos. The main downfall of the evening was the fact that Daquiri decided that she needed to roll in something dead... So she is now carrying the beautiful aroma of death... Disgusting!

This was the first year of the fireworks when everyone had a kid... I guess that means that we are all growing up.

So I made a new Potato Salad it was awesome... Highly offensive but damn tasty... If you are interested you can find the recipe here.

So there are a few new milestones this week on the Hannah front, Thursday she cut her 3rd tooth, front top left, and the front top left eye tooth is right there as is the front right, needless to say she is not the happiest camper. Infants Motrin is the shit though... After days of battling with Tylenol with no real success one does of Motrin and she seems to feel better, and I think she may have actually slept a bit last night. She is also standing and pulling herself up on things... Mostly her toys, a box and the coffee table( which looks hilarious since her armpits are level with the table... This makes the clean and sweep a much easier task). We tried meat for the first time... Well lets say that didn't go over so well... We will try it again in a few weeks.

If you are staying up to date with the pictography of all things Hannah you will see that she got her first set of wheels, she is much more enthralled with the box at the moment , but she is finding the car more entertaining everyday.

Other than that things are typical in the day and the life of new parents...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's my first Mother's Day!

Mommy and Hannah doing the Britney on Mother's Day

So far so good :) I received 2 e-cards, one from Hannah and one from my Mom, and I got to sleep in until 11:15!!!!! Holy crap I haven't had that much sleep in ages.

Road Trip!!!
Whooo Hooo!!!
Niagara Falls here we come!

Now Stop taking my picture and drive!!!

Chris took us to Niagara Falls NY yesterday to do some spring shopping at the outlet mall. Holy crap was there ever a lot of Canadians there! It was fun and I finally have some new clothes that fit. My favourite purchase was a green t that says... "I want to be a truck driver!" I thought it was appropriately hilarious, hence the purchase.

8 months old and already plotting world domination!

So what's new... Hannah is now officially over 14lbs! As of Friday(her8 month b-day) she was 14lbs .5 oz and 26 inches long. She is motoring like mad, and new this week is the get up on hands and feet and attempt to crawl/dogwalk. I think she is spending tooo much time with the dog :) For her 8 month birthday she got a swing for the backyard.

Swinging in the Backyard on Mother's Day

Well that is about it for the update... Hannah has just awoken from her nap(on me... you really think I would have time to blog otherwise?).

2 days till Uncle Pat comes home... and only 1 until Auntie Toad Comes home :)


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Visit with Grandma and Grandpa F

Grandma and Grandpa F came up for a visit this weekend and of course there were a few pics taken and even a video of Hannah's first attempt with Cherrios. Enjoy!

Hannah and Grandma notice the dirty knees!



Hannah and Grandpa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A dedication to the Cookie Lady


He says it so eloquently.

If I could comment on MSN spaces you would have read...

"You will make it through this I am sure. You are a strong strong woman and this is not strong enough to beat you. Your optimism will get you through this. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Firsts

Post hair cut pic, playin in the bathroom.

It is amazing how many firsts a person goes through that you forget or take for granted once you are an adult. Take for example yesterday Hannah had her first Hair Cut. Not the professional, go sit in the uppy downy chair kind. More like the "Mommy is sick of me having a mullett" kind. I trimmed the back of her hair and now it is even and looks more babylike and less redneck yokal like. Hannah also wore shorts for her first time yesterday, and real shoes too! She is officially a size 1 shoe at the moment. One, the # where I all begins! So from this point on she can have a shoe addiction like her parents. She has also surpassed 1 and is currently enjoying her second tooth which made an appearance yesterday.

Hannah got a jogging stroller for easter so we have been doing tonnes of walking, approximatly 7 hours since Monday! She loves to be moving and this is making life a lot smoother for her.

Yesterday I took Hannah to get fit for custom earplugs so that we can take her for rides in Daddy's Jeep. We have no intentions of taking her off road yet, not at least for another year or so but this will allow us to take her on road trips in it, like to the beach and such.

We are progressing along on the solids path and have discovered several that either she refuses to eat or loves to eat but she doesn't respond well to. Apples and avacodos she loves but they don't like her very much. Then there is the green team... if it is green Hannah refuses to eat it... no peas no beans... yuck!
Big girl bath at Grandma's
Hannah now takes big girl baths, no more baby tub and she prefers it this way. Only a matter of time and she will be basking in the chill of the great lakes.

Life is good and moving at a crawlers pace, which you would think is slow but oddly enough it is far to fast.

New pics on flicker... enjoy :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hannah Crawling


for all of you who are not here to see it... here you go :)

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

and it finally fits

So almost a year ago Chris, Aimee and Bill and I were taking New York by storm, celebrating my 30th in style. Well on our adventures we made Hannah a build a bear and got her a matching onsie( she was still known as peanut then and her gender still yet to be determined). Well today she met the the bear and wore the shirt for the first time.

Look Grandma...I can Yoga too!

Hey, wanna get into some trouble with me?

Ok, one pose!

What? I wasn't eating his foot, I promise :)

Sorry there have been less pictures lately... she is on the move now so there are a lot of shots of her

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Houston we have a tooth!

For the past 2 days Hannah has been down right crotchety, and today out pops a tooth! It isn't all the way through yet but it is there and it totally explains why she has been so cranky!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I cannot believe it..

6 months ago today I was doing this...

and this morning I was doing this...

It is just awesome what can happen in 6 months! As I sit here and type this I am a little teary eyed. Tears or joy and pride of course, but tears none the less. When I got up this morning( Chris let me sleep in) Chris asked me a simple question... "How's it feel to be a Mom after you thought you couldn't be one?" My response... "Great!"

I am dumbfounded by how much she has change, how much my life has changed and how much I love her. It is completely unexplainable to a non parent. There is nothing big enough to contain how much love I have for this 12lb 15.5 oz 25 inch little bundle of energy. It amazes me how much she has learned in the past 6 months. She went from being able to do 4 things eat, sleep, cry and create dirty diapers to rolling, standing, laughing, smiling, shreeking, playing, babbling, bitting and so many other little milestones. I could go on forever but instead I am going to take my beautiful little girl out for a walk in the gorgeous 12 degree weather.

Go kiss your kids if you have them, or at least call them and tell them you love and appreciate them. they grow up way to fast!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Fiirst off did I mention that I hate MSN spaces.

I have been trying yet again to leave comments for eons but alas no dice!

Kris... you hair looks awesome! I love it straight and Jordyn is gorgeous she looks so happy and alert.

On the Hannah front... according to my doctor she is spoiled and I pick her up too much. Well you know what I would rather her be spoiled by my attention than be neglected! She rolled over front to back for her first time yesterday and is now eating cereal daily. She has been on rice cereal for a week now and really likes it in the evening but couldn't care for it in the morning. Last night she had bananas with her cereal and loved every second of it.

My theory on Crying it Out! It is torture and I will not participate in it. Thanks for your advice everyone but it will not be happening in my house, I cannot tolerate listening to Hannah cry for 30 to 45 minutes until she makes her self puke. I will find another way to get my kid to sleep on her own and crying it out is not an option. Sorry a little vent thread, just frustrated with too much advicce lately.

That is all at the moment. As of friday the little munch was 12lbs 9oz!

Monday, February 27, 2006

An exercise ball and Daddy

... These seem to be the only two things that have gotten Hannah to sleep today. She is currently asleep on my lap but only as long as I keep bouncing on the ball. Since Daddy left almost 3 hours ago I have spent the better part of an hour on this ball... The last nap only lasted 10 minutes! Lets hope this one last about 5 times that!

So what's new... Well Hannah is officially over the 12 pound mark she is 12lbs 4 oz as of Friday, she has mastered the art of sitting, well for almost 5 minutes anyway. She has discovered several new ranges with her voice all of which require a tremendous amount of slobber to spew from her lips while simultaneously making various high pitch noises! She has also discovered that her toes will reach all the way to her mouth! A few other things that she has recently realized are that phone books, sears flyers and tupperware plastic bags are all amazing to suck/chew/slobber on while under adult supervision. Although life as a parent can be rather mundane as a Mom it is moments like these that make it all worth while.

Formula feeding is a challenge to say the least, Hannah never used to mind a bottle until it came with formula in it, now it might as well be filled with Buckley's!( oh how I cannot wait for the day that she gets a taste of it). In one respect the challenges that we are facing with formula( we are onto Soy now) she is sleeping a wee bit better during the nights. We are going to try sippy cups to see if there are any better results there.

We have had several visitors in the past few days, Grandma Joan was here as was Uncle Pat, Auntie Melissa, and Faunt Danielle. Hannah loves visitors! I have pics and will download them soon.

Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this weekend. Grandma Joan watched Hannah while we went out for dinner. We intended to go to a movie too but we were both so damn tired we were afraid that we were going to fall asleep during it, so instead we went to the Casino... broke even then went out for dessert and coffee. The best part about the evening was the fact that we got to read the paper uninterrupted! As much as I have wanted a night out I missed her the whole time I was gone and all I wanted was to be at home to put her to bed. I got my wish because she fell asleep on Grandma and still needed a bottle before bed. It amazes me how much I love her.

Well that is all for the moment I am gonna go try and lay her down in hopes that I might get a shower in before the season premiere of the Apprentice!


Friday, February 17, 2006

UFC updates

So as you all know my old personal trainer Rob was on the Ultimate Fighter series last season and ended up wrecking his shoulder and went home early. Well I got an email from him today and this is what he has to say....

"Just to let everyone know that my dream has come true and I am fighting in UFC 58: USA vs CANADA on march 4th live from Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas. Two other very good friends and teamates of mine Sam Stout and Mark Hominick are also fighting so make sure you watch it and show these two your support they are absolutely amazing athletes. Dont miss it."

So Show your support for your country kids and watch it live!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

V-day and an update

Well Hannah has had her first V-Day and it went off without a hitch. She got Daddy a "Worlds Greatest Daddy" Beer Mug and a big bouquet of balloons and a Teddy bear from Grandma and Grandpa F and Auntie Toad. Chris got a vise that he wanted and he bought us matching rings. A simple Titanium band... Finally an affordable metal that has no nickel in it that I can wear all the time. I am pretty sure that it will piss a certain person off that we are wearing rings without a wedding but screw him! Anyone who knows us knows that we do things all ass backwards! I am amazed at how light titanium is... It doesn't even feel like metal... I now understand why airplanes and top of the line mountain bikes are made of it.

Hannah has not been sleeping for shit! Nothing new there, so I finally went to my doctor, thinking I have PPD but she thinks I am just exhausted, so she recommended a few things. First off she thinks maybe the reason that Hannah is not sleeping is because she is hungry so she recommended a bottle of half breast milk half formula before bed and cereal in the morning once her system gets used to the formula. Well I tried the formula last night and all I have to say is UGH! She was up every 30 minutes screaming for 3 hours and then I think she finally slept, but I am not sure since Chris came home early from work and took baby watch to let me sleep. I got up with her around 6 and she has been up ever since. This is exactly what happened with cereal. I think my poor little girl has a sensitive tummy. I am at a loss. I am gonna try it again tonight if the results are the same then I am defiantly not going to put her through that again. Alas exhaustion is the parents call signs!

Well here are a some new pics for your viewing pleasure... Hannah had Bananas yesterday :)

More new pics on Flicker Enjoy !

Monday, February 13, 2006

The internet is great!

For making picture flash :)

Friday, February 10, 2006

New Stats...

So Hannah is officially 11lbs 12 oz as of this morning and is now 26 in long!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long time no post

Life has been a little hectic here. Hannah has been cutting teeth (we think), which has resulted in a sleepless Mom and a cranky Hannah! No fun here. I at least had a little bit of help the past 5 days. Toad was visiting and by the looks of the pics you would never know she doesn't like babies! Other than that things are great. Hannah has had a bunch of firsts ... rolled over from back to front a couple of times, first time in the high chair, first time with a pen, first time being fed by Auntie Toad, first time to see a bunny and a horse( we went to Auntie Aimee's barns and met all her horses). She has also had her fist time with rice cereal( not a good thing) and her first Superbowl which she slept through a bunch of. She has become very vocal lately and loves to scream and shreak and giggle... she is a total ham. Minus the extreme lack of sleep life is golden. Enjoy the pics pop on over to my flicker to see more.


Smile for the camera :)

First time Auntie Toad fed Hannah

Flying on Mommy's legs :)

Life has been a little hectic here. Hannah has been cutting teeth (we think), which has resulted in a sleepless Mom and a cranky Hannah! No fun here. I at least had a little bit of help the past 5 days. Toad was visiting and by the looks of the pics you would never know she doesn't like babies! Other than that things are great. Hannah has had a bunch of firsts ... rolled over from back to front a couple of times, first time in the high chair, first time with a pen, first time being fed by Auntie Toad, first time to see a bunny and a horse( we went to Auntie Aimee's barns and met all her horses). She has also had her fist time with rice cereal( not a good thing) and her first Superbowl which she slept through a bunch of. She has become very vocal lately and loves to scream and shreak and giggle... she is a total ham. Minus the extreme lack of sleep life is golden. Enjoy the pics pop on over to my flicker to see more.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


of Hannah.... of course!

Create your own video at One True Media

Sunday, January 29, 2006

MSN Spaces SUCK!

Karen and Kristine... I am trying to leave comments on both of your sites but no such luck... arrrgh!

Kris... time to get out hun... you are so much better than that place it is squishing your spirit... another employer would be lucky to have you. Have you tried applying to the upstairs firms?
Feel better soon... I had it last week... a hot bath with bubble bath helped me. ~HUGS~

Karen... you are one of the strongest women I know... you go girl! Joanna Rachel and Amanda are so lucky to have such an amazing woman as a roll model!

On another note Tupperware should be in this week to all who are waiting... I will call you when it is in then do the rounds!

There are new pics on flicker... sorry I have been blabsent... haveing a 4 month old and a house consumes almost every waking moment of the day. Here is a comparison pic for you all though. Same outfit... Day 1 and yesterday! It is amazing to me how much she has grown but how little she still is this is a 0-3mos Baby GAP onsie