Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bless you tight, AA and many many stars,

There is never a dull day in the life and times of a Mother of a Twoddler and a baby boy.
It is always a learning experience. Whether it is discovering that every phillips screwdriver in the house is the wrong one to access the neurological system of Potty Elmo, or that batteries come in even numbers and toys come in odd. What's with that anyway? Are the two manufacturers in cahoots? Screws and nuts are the same. Damn industrialized nation we live in.

I guess with the Canadian dollar reaching an almost all time high we can afford to be purchasing extra packages for that one extra battery or nut.

I learned a new phrase recently as well.

Bless you tight!
Any thoughts on the circumstance provoking such a response from a twoddler?


John said...

I hear Hannah likes getting pics in her Halloween costume :)

Leanne said...

likes it like a bad

schafty said...

I see you really keep your post up to date, just like I do. At least you've posted more than I have. You should get posting again so I have something recent to read.

Nicole Stars said...

Sweet blog :)
Maybe we can follow each other?
Xoxo colli
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