Monday, October 22, 2007


Because it was about time.

I, err we all, joined the Y last week.

Today was day 1 and my hip flexors are already regretting it.

But it feels great!! I missed the solace that you find in exercise and the high that you get from running.

I jumped up in the treadmill and wanted to run full out... i only warmed up for 4 minutes ( bad bad bad) and then went for a run, I am regretting it completely now since I feel as if my legs are going to fall off! I am going to do it again tomorrow! Childcare and up to 2 hours to myself uninterrupted with my I-Pod and a healthy sweat! Worth every monthly penny that they want to suck out of me!

Exercise is good!


John said...

Which Y you going to?

Danielle said...

we should get together once a week during the week for a workout!!!! I need to get back into things while I still can during the day.

Leanne said...

The Bob... but I would be into a downtown weekly work out D

Auntie A said...

Ok.. this is in response to that sock thingie... It's not so much the smell... as that one blue googly eye...Umm....Put the sock puppet down and step away from the children...