Monday, October 08, 2007

Where grey hair comes from!

A year ... WOW!

A lot has happened and after much procrastination I HAVE BLOGGED AGAIN!

I had coffee the other day at the new Starbucks on Highbury and the blogging (or lack there of) conversation came up, since I said I wanted to and I should get back to it I figured I would come true with my intentions.

I am completely dumbfounded that the last time I posted Hannah was barely a year old and now she is over 2, has a little brother that is almost 3 months old and is taking the world by storm.

So much has changed, she runs and jumps and pees on the potty( when she is so inclined). She tells us what she wants, she loves her brother and her Mommy and her Chris, err Daddy, and tells us all the time. She keeps us on our toes and makes us think before we speak. She is the joy that makes every sleepless night completely worth while! Yes I said sleepless nights. Cameron her handsome little brother thinks that sleeping is the shiznat! He sleeps through the night only waking once after 8 hours for a snack then dozes off again for another 3 or so hours. Hannah on the other hand wakes up if the wind changes direction and thinks that 6 am is sleeping in. I now understand where grey hair comes from.

The past year has seen so many changes in our life, new friends for Hannah means new friends for Mommy. New jobs, new Jeeps, new pant sizes... not the kind of new I was looking for, but all part of the grey hair. Old friends with new babies and new jobs and new adventures feeding their passions. It is amazing how old is new but new never becomes old. Everyday is something new in the life of a parent. Even the format of the blog is new!

I promise to keep tabs on all things new and all things old, and that is what the new blog is for!

Cheers again!

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John said...

Who is this?
What is this place?

Good to see you back in the blogernet!
(yah I am waiting for Miss E to finish her feed so we can go do ours)