Sunday, March 12, 2006

I cannot believe it..

6 months ago today I was doing this...

and this morning I was doing this...

It is just awesome what can happen in 6 months! As I sit here and type this I am a little teary eyed. Tears or joy and pride of course, but tears none the less. When I got up this morning( Chris let me sleep in) Chris asked me a simple question... "How's it feel to be a Mom after you thought you couldn't be one?" My response... "Great!"

I am dumbfounded by how much she has change, how much my life has changed and how much I love her. It is completely unexplainable to a non parent. There is nothing big enough to contain how much love I have for this 12lb 15.5 oz 25 inch little bundle of energy. It amazes me how much she has learned in the past 6 months. She went from being able to do 4 things eat, sleep, cry and create dirty diapers to rolling, standing, laughing, smiling, shreeking, playing, babbling, bitting and so many other little milestones. I could go on forever but instead I am going to take my beautiful little girl out for a walk in the gorgeous 12 degree weather.

Go kiss your kids if you have them, or at least call them and tell them you love and appreciate them. they grow up way to fast!


Joanna said...

Happy unbirthday Hannah!

You can share the day with my dad....who is on his way to 60!! LOL. Dont tell him I said that.

Anonymous said...

Aaahhhhh, oxytocin!
(Thank you National Geographic Channel)

Carmi said...

Time flies when you're having fun. Before you know it, she'll be walking and talking, and then one day you'll turn around and she won't be Baby Hannah. She'll simply be Hannah.

Life moves too quickly sometimes. Wish I knew how to slow it down.