Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Fiirst off did I mention that I hate MSN spaces.

I have been trying yet again to leave comments for eons but alas no dice!

Kris... you hair looks awesome! I love it straight and Jordyn is gorgeous she looks so happy and alert.

On the Hannah front... according to my doctor she is spoiled and I pick her up too much. Well you know what I would rather her be spoiled by my attention than be neglected! She rolled over front to back for her first time yesterday and is now eating cereal daily. She has been on rice cereal for a week now and really likes it in the evening but couldn't care for it in the morning. Last night she had bananas with her cereal and loved every second of it.

My theory on Crying it Out! It is torture and I will not participate in it. Thanks for your advice everyone but it will not be happening in my house, I cannot tolerate listening to Hannah cry for 30 to 45 minutes until she makes her self puke. I will find another way to get my kid to sleep on her own and crying it out is not an option. Sorry a little vent thread, just frustrated with too much advicce lately.

That is all at the moment. As of friday the little munch was 12lbs 9oz!


Joanna said...

Bah, the theory on babies being spoiled by picking them up is sooo 1950's. Maybe when she's 2 but 5 months? Maybe you should let your doctor know what year it is. :P

Kristine said...

I would have to agree, I don't think you can hold your baby too much. I didn't put Jordyn down when I was with her, and when I did she would be sad. I would be a bad aunt if I let her be sad instead of holding her. I also cannot stand hearing a baby cry so hard that their little heads turn purply red and tears stream down their faces. Makes me want to cry.

Anonymous said... should stop picking up MSN spaces and let them cry it out....

Carmi said...

I would cry, too, if I had to use MSN Spaces for any appreciable amount of time.

Do we know anyone who maintains a blog on this service?

The mind boggles.