Monday, February 27, 2006

An exercise ball and Daddy

... These seem to be the only two things that have gotten Hannah to sleep today. She is currently asleep on my lap but only as long as I keep bouncing on the ball. Since Daddy left almost 3 hours ago I have spent the better part of an hour on this ball... The last nap only lasted 10 minutes! Lets hope this one last about 5 times that!

So what's new... Well Hannah is officially over the 12 pound mark she is 12lbs 4 oz as of Friday, she has mastered the art of sitting, well for almost 5 minutes anyway. She has discovered several new ranges with her voice all of which require a tremendous amount of slobber to spew from her lips while simultaneously making various high pitch noises! She has also discovered that her toes will reach all the way to her mouth! A few other things that she has recently realized are that phone books, sears flyers and tupperware plastic bags are all amazing to suck/chew/slobber on while under adult supervision. Although life as a parent can be rather mundane as a Mom it is moments like these that make it all worth while.

Formula feeding is a challenge to say the least, Hannah never used to mind a bottle until it came with formula in it, now it might as well be filled with Buckley's!( oh how I cannot wait for the day that she gets a taste of it). In one respect the challenges that we are facing with formula( we are onto Soy now) she is sleeping a wee bit better during the nights. We are going to try sippy cups to see if there are any better results there.

We have had several visitors in the past few days, Grandma Joan was here as was Uncle Pat, Auntie Melissa, and Faunt Danielle. Hannah loves visitors! I have pics and will download them soon.

Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this weekend. Grandma Joan watched Hannah while we went out for dinner. We intended to go to a movie too but we were both so damn tired we were afraid that we were going to fall asleep during it, so instead we went to the Casino... broke even then went out for dessert and coffee. The best part about the evening was the fact that we got to read the paper uninterrupted! As much as I have wanted a night out I missed her the whole time I was gone and all I wanted was to be at home to put her to bed. I got my wish because she fell asleep on Grandma and still needed a bottle before bed. It amazes me how much I love her.

Well that is all for the moment I am gonna go try and lay her down in hopes that I might get a shower in before the season premiere of the Apprentice!



danielle said...

sounds like a great night away for you and Chris... so when are we getting together again???? John needs his Hannah fix!!!!

John said...

Yes John does.

Anonymous said...

Umm....Is there green coloring in the phonebook???