Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's my first Mother's Day!

Mommy and Hannah doing the Britney on Mother's Day

So far so good :) I received 2 e-cards, one from Hannah and one from my Mom, and I got to sleep in until 11:15!!!!! Holy crap I haven't had that much sleep in ages.

Road Trip!!!
Whooo Hooo!!!
Niagara Falls here we come!

Now Stop taking my picture and drive!!!

Chris took us to Niagara Falls NY yesterday to do some spring shopping at the outlet mall. Holy crap was there ever a lot of Canadians there! It was fun and I finally have some new clothes that fit. My favourite purchase was a green t that says... "I want to be a truck driver!" I thought it was appropriately hilarious, hence the purchase.

8 months old and already plotting world domination!

So what's new... Hannah is now officially over 14lbs! As of Friday(her8 month b-day) she was 14lbs .5 oz and 26 inches long. She is motoring like mad, and new this week is the get up on hands and feet and attempt to crawl/dogwalk. I think she is spending tooo much time with the dog :) For her 8 month birthday she got a swing for the backyard.

Swinging in the Backyard on Mother's Day

Well that is about it for the update... Hannah has just awoken from her nap(on me... you really think I would have time to blog otherwise?).

2 days till Uncle Pat comes home... and only 1 until Auntie Toad Comes home :)



Joanna said...

About time you updated. :P

Happy Mother's Day and post new pictures already.

Randi said...

Happy First Mother's Day!