Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Visit with Grandma and Grandpa F

Grandma and Grandpa F came up for a visit this weekend and of course there were a few pics taken and even a video of Hannah's first attempt with Cherrios. Enjoy!

Hannah and Grandma notice the dirty knees!



Hannah and Grandpa


Misty said...

I just love the expression while shes chewing. I've been debating myself with trying Emma on cherios. If that was Emma on cam, those cheerios would be everywhere but in the mouth!! Hannah is looking so pretty.

Anonymous said...

okay so you know when she makes that face, the one where she shakes her head and makes a yuck face. Remind her that when she tries tequila for the first time she'll make that face again. have fun, and get that one on video. Hopefully in 19yrs not in the next few weeks. Love the videos!!! kris

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Leanne!

kristine said...

Wow, is you're birthday here already, can't believe it. I missed having you and Jo count it down. Hope it was great.

Karen said...

Okay, so we got an update from Jo, where's yours? lol

adam said...

Cute. She'll be smushing them into the carpet any moment now. :-)