Thursday, April 06, 2006

and it finally fits

So almost a year ago Chris, Aimee and Bill and I were taking New York by storm, celebrating my 30th in style. Well on our adventures we made Hannah a build a bear and got her a matching onsie( she was still known as peanut then and her gender still yet to be determined). Well today she met the the bear and wore the shirt for the first time.

Look Grandma...I can Yoga too!

Hey, wanna get into some trouble with me?

Ok, one pose!

What? I wasn't eating his foot, I promise :)

Sorry there have been less pictures lately... she is on the move now so there are a lot of shots of her


John said...

Man oh man she is growing up SO fast!

Joanna said...

So cute!

Carmi said...

Before you know it, she'll be bringing YOU t-shirts back from the Big Apple.

They grow too quickly. Good on you for recording every step along the way. She'll cherish this someday.

Auntie Aimee and Uncle Bill said...

Oh YEA!!!!! I am so glad it finally fits!!!!!!!! MAN that was a good day....... Yea for Hannahpan!!!!

Aginoth said...

that's very cute :o)