Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I know it has been too long, no excuses, just life!

Firstly a couple of hello's to those of you using MSN spaces since for some reason I am still unable to leave comments...grrrr!

Karen... You have a gorgeous head... Your fortunate! I am glad to hear that the chemo is going along as smoothly as it is. I always knew you were a strong woman, now this just goes to prove it.

Randi... Man he is a cutie amazing how fast they grow eh!?

Now onto my life.

Hannah as usual is growing like a weed, she is not gaining as much weight as 'they' would like to see but she is getting tall. As of last Friday she was 15 lbs 13oz and 28 inches long. She grew a whole inch in 3 weeks! She has grown 2 shoe sizes in a month and is currently shoeless in a 3. Shoeless is actually her preference, she hates having anything on her feet, socks, shoes or otherwise. I guess she takes after me in that respect, I too prefer to be barefoot.

We ventured out on vacation to Chris's Mom's trailer in Buckhorn about a week ago, Hannah had a blast, as did Chris and I. The trailer was 5 days full of many firsts for the little munchkin:
1. First Fall out of a trailer( typical childhood accident complete with blood a couple scrapes and a lot of tears... Nothing permanent though)
2. First swim in a big pool... She loved loved loved it!
3. First time climbing stairs.
4. First Camping experience ( I prefer to call it famping( fake camping) since there was no tent and the trailer had A/C, but she will experience the tent next weekend)
5. First time eating BBQ... chicken and taters, yuuuummmmmy!
6. First time being towed. Chris hooked up the remote contol jeep to the jogging stroller and towed her around the campground, she loved it and was a huge hit with the spectators!
7. First bug bite... A mosquito got her on the bottom of the foot, of all places!
8. First Power Outage... We got caught in a horrible storm that sprung tornados in a few places and actual killed a woman camping in a park only about 50 km from us.
9. First Visit to the family nurseries.
10. First Look at the Jeep Jamboree... We didn't actually go to it but we did go see all the jeeps venture off to the trail.
11. And of course her first summer vacation( first of many I am sure).

I am stunned how fast she is becoming a little person. She has discovered her voice, she has a few words like Mum and Baa and Rarrr, but does she ever love to squeal and shriek. It is as funny as it is annoying( only annoying when you are on the phone or trying to put her to sleep). She it getting close to walking and easily saunters along while holding onto a finger. She has also discovered that the water cooler is both shocking and funny. Especially when she empties a large quantity of water on the floor via a stream down her belly. We are at 7 for a tooth count and 8 is fast approaching. She has also discovered that there is water in the toilet and it is hilarious to play in, and equally as fun is the toilet paper roll. Now she is not like the Cottonelle kittens where unraveling it is the entertainment, she is more of the pull it off the roll and eat it type of girl. Needless to say both events have resulted in a permanently closed bathroom door!

Next weekend we are off to the annual Tillaart Family reunion in Prescott. I am completely excited for it this year since this is the first time that a lot of the family members have had the chance to meet her. Hard to believe that she will be almost 11 months old by then!

Well that is all for now... Sorry for the long gap in posts.

Enjoy what summer you have left.


Oh ya, all was clear with the tests in the last post... end result she has big tonsils! Thanks for the concerns and well wishes from all those who left them.


Amanda said...

Hey, I agree barefoot is better. Glad to hear you had a good vacation. I will be down soon, can't wait to see the three of you.

Carmi said...

We miss your voice, Leanne. Hope to hear more of it soon.

Isn't it amazing how little folks become real people? Not a day goes by when I don't look at our own kids and wonder about this never-ending miracle that's unfolding in our house.