Wednesday, June 21, 2006

X - Rays...

So Hannah went for her 9 month appointment with the doctor on Tuesday, and the news was mixed. She is doing good weight and height wise but has fallen a bit in her progression. Her official by the doctor 9 mos stats are...

15lbs 4 oz( take off 7 oz for their scale and the diaper)
26 inches
head circumference 43cm

She is quite impressed with her physical development especially her curiosity. Dr. Malik had a hard time with her stethascope because Hannah kept grabbing it and trying to put it in her mouth. Ahhh teething is great :)

Now for the other news... Her lungs sounded wheezy and raspy. She sent her for a Chest X Ray today. Lets just say there was an archaic nature to the procedure today. She had to sit on this table with a bicycle type seat and a hole in the middle, then a tall acrylic, clear cylinder was wrapped and secured around her. Her poor little arms were straight up in the air and all that I could hold was her little fingers :( Apparently this 'device' is designed to evoke a crying response in order to get them to take a deep breath. Well, I could have gotten her to do that without the acrylic tube! Poor little girl looked so scared and confused.

We will have the results tomorrow, and then she has to see a specialist to have her lungs checked over and allergy testing done. Fingers crossed that it is just an allergy that is easily eliminated. I really hope that she didn't acquire Asthma from the 2 of us.

Other than that things are good. She has finally started cruising the furniture, and anything else she can grab onto.

Nothing at knee is safe!!!

I will keep you all posted.



kristine said...

thanks for the update, was wondering how things were, fingers and toes and eyes are crossed for good look and it's just an allergy

Randi said...

I hope all went well with the testing! I keep checking in for an update! I was just looking at your pics on Flickr and I LOVE the "Jass Hands" one! Her pose is priceless and her smile is so engaging!

Carmi said...

Hope all is well, Leanne. I hope your relative absence from the blog isn't anything more than a well-deserved rest from the world of words.

All the best...