Monday, November 28, 2005

Wow 9 days since last my post

Brunch with the Family Yesterday Morning
L: My Cousin Jason and his Daughter Madalyn(18 mos.)
R: Chris and Hannah(11 weeks)

Sorry all :)
Things have been a little hectic in my world in the past 9 days so this will be a short point form post to bring you all up to speed then I will head back to my insane

1. 1 week till closing... Finally started packing last night.
2. Hannah has to have a hernia repair surgery Wednesday morning... I am freaking out!
3. Lawyers are assholes! See item 1.
4. Tupperware parties are great... yeah for adult conversation.
5. Baby showers and Family Christmas in November are great... again more adult conversation.
6. Swings possessed by the devil suck! Hannah's currently is and it only works when it feels like it!
7. Snow Ugh... 4x4 Jeep makes snow fun!
8. Hannah has started giggling and laughing outright... it is hilarious.
9. Bumbo seats are cool... thanks to Sinclair for letting us try hers out.
10. Tiny Love Gymini is as good as the swing if you want your child to laugh, smile and nap!!! Thanks Auntie Aimee.
11. Creepy ADT sales people with Austin Powers teeth hang out at the laundromat.
12. 2nd Flicker site since I post too many pics for only 1 free one!
13. Strike averted for those of you who were following Chris's work saga... hmmm weird happenings there!
14. Labatt Honey 25 bucks for 24! Great beer!
15. Patrick is Mr. Plow!
16. Who knew that an 11 week old baby can have more clothes than a set of parents!
17. Hannah is 9lbs as of Friday!
18. For those other London Parents out there... Once Upon A Child is having a huge sale December 9th... up to 50% off!!!!
19. Who knew that when a fish dies it will get sucked into the filter and then when rigamortis sets in it will fall off curved!
20. Leafs beat the Habs Saturday night, Muhahahahahaha!


John said...

9 days since a post, so you try and make up by posting the same thing twice?

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

We're thinking good Wednesday thoughts for you!

Anonymous said...

llama, llama pumpkin llama....

Anonymous said...

llama llama hannah llama tootsie rolls and jeeps and llamas There are other things than llamas but who really cares!!

Aginoth said...

Thanks for the link Leanne, I've linked back to you now :o)

Zephra said...

Cool, we have a Once upon a child here. I am going to the sale. Welcome back.

Valerie said...

Hope things go well on Wednesday. Welcome back.