Friday, November 04, 2005

Ok fellow members of blog land need your help...

I have been working on Hannah's baby books( in the best procrastinating fashion I know how) and one of the sections is important things that happened the year I was born. Since everyone that pops by here is unique and has different interests I thought this would be the best spot to dig up stuff from the year. So please add your comments as to a few things that you found important or interesting this year, I am gonna print them off and add them to her baby book. She will always them have an insight on all things interesting from 2005!




Kristine said...

there was lots, but do you think I could remember. There was the tsunami relief even though it happened in 2004, the floods in the states, war in iraq still going on. The mother of that solider that camped out from of Bush's place. Odd how it's all american, canada is so quiet. You can tell her gas hit a high of 1.38 a liter. Who knows what it will be when she's driving. You bought your first house (and dog, maybe, lol) Don't forget about the stars like brad and jen, or jen and ben, or stuff like that. Have fun man, cause it's hard to remember what happened.

Misty said...

Theres also the big category 5 hurricane katrina, the women who changed the way black (african american) ppl were looked at died (drawing a blank on her name sry), prince charles married his former mistress camilla, saddam hussain(sp?) goes to trial, big newsman peter jennings died of lung cancer, britney spears got married twice and had a, martha stuart went to jail then gained her own live tv show and her own apprentice show, voice of the jolly green giant died ( ya im stupid and have no moore and ashton hutcher get married, katie holmes pregnant with tom cruises baby,mary kay letourneau married the kid she was jailed for,pope john paul II died,donald trump gets married.

well thats off the top of my head, some is probably no big deal,but it may strike something in mind on your end. hth

Joanna said...

Rosa Parks.

I'd say that and the pope.