Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Things that make you life easier as a parent

1. Windows Media Player graphics( and the Rolling Stones!)
2. Baby Einstein... everything the books the DVDs the toys
3. Classical Music
4. A really good baby monitor( this allows you to have a shower that is longer than 5 minutes
5. The Jeep!

All of the above things have had a huge impact on my quality of life in the past few days. I never thought that I would be the type of parent to plunk my child in front of the TV, but I have no guilt when I need a few minutes to myself and it is a Baby Einstein Educational Mind stimulating DVD that she is watching. Plus she loves it!

For Auntie Aimee... this is one of the pics Chris took when he was half listening to you.


Anonymous said...

Well than I can certainly see why he was only half listening!!!! What a cute little smile... I swear she is the cutest little monster baby I know. I can say that because my little monster graduated to toddlertown. It's going to be great watching Hannah and Caelan get into trouble. What the hell were we thinking Pan????

Anonymous said...

Specifically "The Jeep", or owning a car in general?

Leanne said...

car in general... and for that matter add a baby swing to the list.