Thursday, November 10, 2005


One of the joys of being a new parent is that you get the see the sun rise everymorning, along with the sunrise this morning came snow! I thought it was just the lack of sleep playing tricks with my eyes but then I looked a little closer. Sure enough those were snowflakes floating through the street light glow, falling ever so quietly to the street, and then melting as if they had never even appeared.

I really hope that the first real snow fall holds off until we move. We have been really lucky with the past two moves and the snow waited until we were in our new dwelling. This being the last move that we will do for many many years, I really hope that mother nature complies with our wishes.

Nothing too new in my world, still waiting for a certain work4bandwidth perpective on the years most interesting events, I guess he does have the better part of a month to comment

Cheers all!


Joanna said...


oh no my friend we sleep till 11 'round these parts!

John said...

If iy makes you feel any better, I was up to see those snow flakes - we saw them on the way back from the gym.