Sunday, November 13, 2005

2 month old!

Well yesterday Hannah turned 2 months old!

I cannot believe that just over 2 months ago I thought I was going to be pregnant forever.
I would have to say that these have been 2 of the most amazing months of my life to date. I have never experienced so many emotions in such a short period of time. Every Mom I knew told me how the amount of love that you instantly have for your child. This type of love is incomprehensible until you are there, wow were they ever right!

I never imagined that I would feel such sadness when she cries and I don't know why, or so much joy when she smiles when I walk in the room. I still love the way she smells (even the not so pleasant smells), and the way she smiles when her Mommy or Daddy walks in the room. I am totally amazed by how she is different every single day and how she does something new everytime you look at her. The exhaustion isn't even really that bad, and for me it is self inflicted most of the time. I am so afraid that I am going to miss something with her that I rarely take my eyes or ears off her for more that a minute.

She is growing so fast and it is hard to believe that only 2 months ago she could do absolutely nothing on her own and was never happy unless she was laying on one of us or sleeping right beside us. Now there are times in the day when she wants nothing to do with us and is more content to lay on the floor in her hippo and play. It is bittersweet, I am so happy that she is growing and is becoming more independent by the day and I love to watch her learn and grow and see all the amazement in her eyes, but I already miss the days of endless cuddles.

Motherhood is such an awesome experience, nothing could ever compare.


John said...

This post makes me happy to read.
Mostly cause… well we like you and like to see you this happy.

Sit back, and ENJOY.

ribbiticus said...

what a beautiful girl! am sure there'll be lots more memorable moments with her.

here via michele today. :)

Randi said...

I am here via Joanna..I worked with her.

I just had my baby boy on November 1 and I can totally relate to every emotion that you have felt and are feeling. It is sometimes very overwhelming and I need to pinch myself to actually believe he is here and that he is healthy and that in a large part, that's due to me! I was one of those women who also really wanted to NOT be pregnant by the end!! Hannah is beautiful and I wish you lots of love and laughter!

Arethusa said...

Hi leanne, Michele sent me! I love children so much, and it's been nice to get access to blogs written by mothers so that I'm able to share in some of that experience, if only through words. (I'm not ready for kids, yet!)

Happy two months old, Hannah. :)

Bluegrass Mama said...

What a cutie! My 20 year old still surprises me sometimes. And my 10 year old ALL the time.

Indigo said...

She's beautiful! Michele sent me to say hello. :-)