Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Big Night...

Hannah slept through the night!!!

She slept from 11:15pm until 5:45am then I fed her and changed her and she went back to sleep until 8am!!!

The trick will be to see if she does it tonight too or if it is just from the residual Tylenol in her system from her shots.

Fingers crossed that this is her new thing!


Shannon said...

Here from Micheles! congrats on the sleeping baby...dont get your hopes up though, next thing you know the Drs are gonnahave you putting the baby in a hammock with a monkey - but then the'll change their minds im sure. :)

Oreo said...

Yay for you! I know that made you happy! Thanks for coming to see me. I was born on the 29th, you?

Claire said...

WIll keep fingers crossed this happens more often!

LITLJON said...

Don't hold your breath. Drugs are good for sleeping. Even for babies. This blog thing is nice and all but..., I still haven't seen photos of enlarged brests or feeding of any type.

I think I'm a blog'ger now. It's called, OY! So Now What

Little John

Melody said...

Hi! I am here via Michele's site. I read your comments on the baby crying thing and agree with you. Babies need lots of hugs! I am constantly hugging my baby who is now 14 months old!

Yes, having a baby who slept through the night for 6 hours is a milestone. (Even if it was drug induced!) Before you know it she will be sleeping through anywhere from 10 to 12 hours!

You are doing a good job with little Hannah. Keep it up.