Friday, November 18, 2005

A view from the porch...( right now) has happened, the first snow fall!


Valerie said...

I am not ready for snow yet. Even though we had our first snow here on Oct. 29th and the next day it was 60 something out.
BTW I blogrolled you too.

Aginoth said...

ewwwwww white stuff..

-4 tonight here in Somerset, UK...unlikely we'll see snow before January though

kenju said...

Hi, Leanne. Beautiful kid you got there. I hate snow!

Michele sent me.

Carmi said...

Munchkin's first snow. I know there's something poetic about that. Still, it's a miserable reality when you have to go outside for the first time - and you get some in your boot.

Why isn't it melting any faster?