Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A few big events!

Lots of big events in our lives...

Hannah had her first set of shots yesterday, she was not a huge fan of it but slept most of the day thanks to her friend Tylenol!

My Mom has officially been a non smoker for a year! Congrats Mom! Good for you I know how much of an accomplishment this is.

We are down to 3 weeks until we take possession of the house and I have not packed a single thing!

Hannah is starting to pull herself up when she is on her stomach, and she is easily holding her head up on her own. My big strong girl!

When Hannah got weighed yesterday the scales said 8lbs 10oz!!! If that is correct then she put on 6 oz in 3 days! I personally think that it is just the calibration between the two different scales but we will see on Friday when I get her weighed again.

Uncle Pat bought her a Leaf's outfit that might actually fit her in the next month or so... Stay tuned for pictures!

Well that is all that I can think of at the moment even though I know there is more.

New pics on Flicker.... Check em out!



Dak-Ind said...

what a beautiful little girl! you should be so proud!! my son got his third shots today, and thanks to tylenol, although he isnt asleep, he is feeling way better

layman said...

Very nice puppy you have there.

used*to*be*me* said...

Thanks for the visit. I can't believe your cute little baby only weighs 8, 10. My first weighed 8, 4 when she was born and my second weighed 9, 3! I apparently have little bowling balls instead of children!

Angela said...

What a wee, adorable little girl! And I just love the name Hannah.

Congratulations on your fairly new mommy-hood to the princess--I'll bet you can't even remember what life was like without her :) And Michele sent me!