Sunday, November 06, 2005

World Happenings 2005 update

Ok so far this is what we are up to...
1. The Pope Died
2. Rosa Parks Died
3. Katrina and other hurricanes ravage the states.
4. Gas 1.38/l... ouch!
5. Peter Jennings Dies of lung cancer
6. Prince Charles and Camilla
7. Hussein on Trial
8. Martha goes to jail
9. Trump gets married again and wife gets prego!
10. All the star stuff
11. Iraq... ugh
12. Jolly Green Giant guy(Elmer Dresslar) dies of cancer
13. Bought our first house

Anything Canadian?
Anything not American?
Like what happened significant in other countries?

Here are a few of my own:
1. Canada makes same sex marriage legal.
2. Lance Armstrong wins 7th TDF
3. The hockey strike ends, salary cap begins and the shoot out happens!( and the Leafs win the cup... sorry that's me dreaming again!)

Hey Mike and Aimee and Bill and John, I know you 4 will have an up to date perspective on the world... anti up!


Anonymous said...

Ummm...Live 8, Pink Floyd reunites for one performance, Spamalot, Peapanne goes to NYC, Ross stops answering his phone, Revenge of the Sith, Harry Potter #6, London Knights kick ass on OHL,

Anonymous said...

Britany Spears decides to have a C-section because birth is too painful!!!!

John said...

• iPod Nano announced on my birthday; so I get one
• Apple announces a switch to Intel processors - nerds collectively gasp
• Sulu is gay - Trekkie nerds colectively gasp!
• Sponsorship scandal
• Liberals win the vote of confidence
• Gommery report / Chretien counter
• CBC Strike
• Six Feet Under last episode :(
• 1984 punk/preppie is back along with mullets and mohawks!

and hopefully in a month's time… We're pregnant.

JoeC said...

not a happy happy year i must say. cheers!

Aimee said...

Floyd reunites for Live 8
Scottie dies
Earthquake in Pakistan
Mudslides in Guatamala
Forest Fires in american West (worst season on record)
France makes first giant super Airbus
Mars was closest to earth until 2058
Chinese Space Program takes off. Launches first manned mission
Canada competes in Xprize but looses, but Xprize was won
Discovered evidence of water on Mars.
Chinese scientists discover giant black hole at center of Universe
Last Star Wars movie came out
Third Line Stable
Two Supreme court justices leave, Oconner resigns and Renquist dies
Bob Huggins gets fired (coach of cinncinatti bear cats)
Washington Zoo has first living captive baby Panda born and doing well.
Walt Disney 50th aniversary
Michele Wei (15 years old ) goes pro golfer
Largest 649 lotto in canada 54 million divided between 16 poeple in Alberta
Sadam was captured
Bushs popularity is tanked!!!

Aimee said...

Okay I think this might be the last couple for me......
Terry Schiavo unplugged (call now to buy the limited-edition album, not sold in stores )
Star Trek cancelled after 18 continuous years
Hunter S. Thompson suicide
Iraq prisoner abuse
Michael Jackson trial
Condoleeza Rice first African-American woman elected as Secretary of State
Blockbuster Video--End of Late Fees campaign
BTK Killer captured, tried
Eric Rudolph, Olympic Bomber sentenced

Marcia said...

:) Charles and Camilla isn't American... although the two of them traipsing about the country the past week or so is...