Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Happy Blog

So it has been a bit since I sat down and rambled, no time liek the present :)

Went and saw Kill Bill vol 2 last night with Chris. I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10!
In comparison to Volume one there was very little violence. But when it was there it gouged at the pit of your gut with relentlis satisfation! Yuck!
The plot on the other hand did an indredible job of clarifying the volume one's unanswered questions.
Uma was awesome, as was
David Carradine... he is sexy in a strange kick your
ass kinda way.

Uploaded some new pics to the Photo Blog. Most of them are from Yesterday when i got to take care of Caelan for a couple hours. He is great. It is amazing how calming kids can be. You really have no choice to be anything other than calm, otherwise you can't possibly understand them. Not to mention keep up with them.

Congratulations!! To my cousin Jason and his wife Dawn on the birth of their first beautiful baby daughter Madalyn Yvonne . Born on May 14th at 11:09pm. Almost 12 days late :)

Thanks to Princess Joanna for the Tips on London Gas Prices!

So I have been known to paint the odd painting. Painted this One a while ago.

Well Gonna go watch some Law and Order SVU


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