Monday, May 24, 2004

The Flood in London Parks

So yesterday Chris and I went out an bought a kite with intentions of going to Harris park to fly it well.... the photos tell all! We are going to attempt more adventures with the Kite today, no guarantees though especially with the fact that is rained again last night!

On Saturday when the weather was furious and we really wanted to go out we went out playing in the Jeep instead. Our intentions were to go get some cool pictures of the weather. However, our intentions and our actions were a little different. We ended up in the bush north of the city playing in the Jeep. I posted a few pics from when we were stuck. This was one of the rare opportunities to actually take a picture since the rest of the time you are bouncing all over the place. Note to all women who go on 4 x 4ing adventures... Sports bras are required! The bounce factor after 20 mins in the Jeep on uneven terrain is equal to running a marathon with no bra at all! No the most comfortable event!

Well today is the last day of the 2-4 weekend enjoy it while you can!

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