Sunday, May 16, 2004

Beer + Pub Crawl + No Coat Check = Stolen Jacket!

So went out on a pub crawl last night... Chris and the ladies as it were. Started at the Lawyer, which I must say has gone through some renovations and it is looking awesome. We had a few bevies there and waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive. While we were there this amazing 2 piece band played... I believe they were called Pro Wally's. They were simply two voices and a guitar. Very very well done gentleman.

So after everyone arrived and was comfortably numb so to speak, we all meandered our way through the streets and alleys of downtown London to the Thorny Devil. It's a weird bar above Robinson Hall, but the atmosphere is great. We stayed till the lights came on then as we went to leave realized that Chris's jacket had been ripped off!!! Not too impressed since it was all of maybe 10 degrees out! It appears that he was not the only one, seems that several people got theirs taken as well. I can say that this will be the last visit there for a while!

Either way the nite was fun, and it will happen again soon I presume.

Happy Sunday

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