Wednesday, May 12, 2004

3rd Ride of the Week

Albeit this is the first one that I have blogged about. The first one I got me ass kicked by the Google Master aka Lance fanatic! One thing is for sure working at a gym makes you terribly out of shape! I miss call center life and the health that came with it!

The 2nd ride was yesterday, 20km on the nose and very very wet! After the huge rain storm the other day the bike paths were covered in H2O of varying depths. The final one that we attempted to conquer was mid calf while pedaling. It was at that puddle that we determined with soggy socks and all that we needed to turn back. Needless to say this morning when I donned my shoes for today's ride the glorious sun had dried them out! Kinda like the itsy bitsy spider :)

So today's ride... 27.93km, the progression is obvious! I figure by end of June I will be able to keep up to him full fledge. I would love to do a London To Port Stanley ride this summer, and hopefully, schedule permitting, the MS Bike Tour from Grand Bend to London and back. I have done it before and it was awesome. Not to mention that you rainse money for a great charity and meet a lot of great riders!

Either way I am glad that the warm weather has finally arrived again, I love the new road tires that I have on my Katmandu, I am looking to shed some weigh from it though, likely lose the suspension seat post and possibly the front shocks.... Although I am still contemplating that one.

That is it for the moment, far to nice to be inside, gonna get out of the sweaty cycling gear and slip into something a little more summer like.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather.


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