Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Verdict

Hannah is officially 6lbs 5 oz! She has put on 9 oz in 10 days!
Celeste (my midwife) gave her a clean bill of health :)


Karen said...

Hooray for Hannah!!! You'll be having her eating carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies in no time (but then you'll have to share... lol)

Anonymous said...

I heard that you can leave the hospital hours after delivering when in the care of a midwife. Is this true? How long did you stay?

Leanne said...

You can leave the hospital after 6 hours even with an OB, they can't make you stay. Sometimes with a midwife you can leave as early as 4 hours as long as you have used the washroom and everything else is ok. I wanted to leave ASAP but Hannah was little and was having issues keeping her temp so I stayed the night for her. I can't say that I slept while in the hospital though... everyone elses babies were crying and nurses were always coming in poking and prodding me.