Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I need people to promise....

So everyone who knows me and knows that I am pregnant also know that my wishes for this delivery are to go 100 % natural.

Relax I am not saying that I am in labour!

I am of 100% sane mind and body right now and pain free!

The reason for this entry is to express a wish that I am vey firm on.

Since I want to do this 100% natural and I want to leave the hospital ASAP after the delivery I will be doing all of my recovery at home.

It is very very very important to me that I do what is best for the baby and me in the first 7 days! This means rest, and calm. This means no visitors for the first week please!

I know that there are a few of you who think this does not include you, you are wrong this includes you! The only exception to this wish is my mother, and that is because she is coming to take care of me, ie: cook, clean, do laundry and such.

I know a few of you think that this is rude, or think that you have the right because you are family,but I encourage those of you who have had children to look back to the first week that you were a parent. You were tired, you were in awwww, and not to mention this was a completely new experience that you needed time to figure out how to do everything.

I know that you all will want to see the baby, I understand this, believe me no one wants to see this baby more that Chris and I. Of course we want to show him or her off to the world as the proud parents that we will be, but please respect my wishes. Stay away for the first 7 days. This baby will be around for a long time, and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and great the little one, so all I ask is of this one little example of respect. This is the best gift that you could give us.

I am going to breastfeed without supplementation for hopefully the first 6 months and the first week is crucial to establish good feeding patterns, not to mention I will be sore and tired and Chris will be tired from the major adjustment in our lives. Due to the fact that I am adamant about breastfeeding without supplementation, this means feeding every 2 hours around the clock to establish a pattern. No one other than me will be doing this, as you can well imagine, so that means that I will be more tired than anyone else and will want to sleep when not nursing.

If you need documentation to prove to you how important this time is for us check out this article... or this one.

My midwife has also recommended this time and is not afraid to kick people out if they show up... Yes she will be here on day 1, 3 and 5 after the birth.

People may think that I am being selfish, go ahead, I am! I will only have my first baby once, and this is 7 days that I want all to myself, just me the baby and Chris.

Please respect my wishes. Please!


mike said...
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Kristine said...

This is a most acceptable request and I could not agree more. I have always not visited a person and their new baby until the parents have told me it's now okay to come by and visit. Question, how long will they keep you pregnant before inducing? Seems like the baby is very comfy at the moment. Hope your wishes are granted.

Amanda said...

Honey this is a very responible request, so no worries. I have seen enough babies to know what they look like and since we have all waited this long to see yours especially you and chris we can certianly wait a few more days. Love you both and hope everything goes well. If you need anything let me know.

Amanda said...

Just in case you didn't know the above post entitled Babyboo7 says, is from me, Amanda. love you guys and best wishes

Leanne said...

Thanks ladies :) and Mike I read your spelling mistake comment, than you bo you too!

Joanna said...

:) I'd kill for only every 2 hours :P

Aimee said...

Other than your family. I have known you longer than anyone who will read this. You have gone from a young just learning about the real world opinionated taurus to a truly beautiful amazing wise and spirited taurus with a lifetime of knowledge to back you up. You are now about to become a Matriarch embarking on this amazing life journey with Chris and your little one. Never apologize for setting boundaries, especially with regard to your man and your child or I shall have to kick your a**!

John said...

You jerk! This is completely inconsiderate of you! It's not about you or your kid! It's about me and my wants and needs.


But seriously. You wrote way more than I need to read. Whatever you need, you have and we respect.

More importantly! Dude… why you no deliver yesterday on my birthday??? What is with you?

Leanne said...

Man I love you guys, all of you!
John you crack me up!

Danielle said...

tell that damn kid of yours to come out or I am sending his/her 'uncle' john up there to get them out....

Leanne said...

Good Question Danielle!
I have issued an eviction notice, I think that he/she is appealing my

Aimee said...

Umm.. doesn't it take at least 30 days to evict in Ontario? (ducking and running since this is the only time in my life I will be faster than panpan)

Danielle said...

hey... does anyone know if the baby has come yet??? Aimee??? Anyone???? Joanne??? Hello????