Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hearing Test Results...

She passed :)

For those of you who are expecting you may not know that your little one will get their hearing tested when you are in the hospital if you so choose to stay overnight or for a couple days. It is a simple test, non invasive, but if your little one does not pass(very probably if done under 48 hours) then you get referred to get one done outside the hospital. That is what happened with Hannah.

Hannah's little ears were full of gunk when she got tested at the hospital and only passed on the right ear so we had to go get retested today. After a pretty trying time( she did not like being a test guinea pig and cried and fussed a lot) we finally got a pass.

Advice for those of you who are expecting:
1) Don't be alarmed if your little one gets a referral to have another test done, little babies get more referrals and the test is supposed to be done after 48 hours(post birth) but sometimes they jump the gun, hence the referral.
2) If you have to get a referral test done, try and make sure that your little one is asleep for it, it will make your life a lot easier.
3) If you have to get a referral test done, bring comfort measures in case you need to settle him or her down. Even if you have just fed him or her make sure that you bring a bottle if you are using formula or have a boob ready if you are breast feeding. The only way that we could get Hannah to calm down was to feed her, again, I had just fed her not even an hour before. Once she was being fed she aced the test.

On a non Hannah note:

Congratulations Mr. Kuiack on your escape!!

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