Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sleeping on Mommy's Lap

Means that Mommy has 2 hands free to blog for a bit.

It amazes me how as soon as you become a Mom this innate ability to do everything with one hand magically appears. Now typing for example is usually loaded with typos and grammatical short forms but for those of you who know me best this is not that different from my typing regularly. However, this morning I astounded myself with my ability to make toast single handedly, the PB was a little tricky but the jam was a breeze, for future mommy's the trick is use a spoon! I have even managed to wash my hands using soap and water single handedly... That was a trick in its own right, would love to see that on playback.

Mommy had a rough day yesterday ( sorry I missed your birthday Kris ) Hannah cried most of the day, I know that this is my fault since I am trying really hard to keep her awake during the day a fair amount so that I can get at least 4 hours sleep in a stretch at night ( she has her days and nights mixed up). Even though the crying is due to my doing it is still very trying, made me feel so guilty. I don't know what I would do if it were not for my wonderful boyfriend, he called me at 9:30 to tell me that he was only going to work a half shift so that he could come home and watch Hannah and give me a break and some sleep. Bless him! Sleep is glorious, I got almost 6 hours( split up of course). I feel way better today.

Hannah has had a really big week so far this week, lots of new faces in her world. Monday Uncle Patrick and his ex- girlfriend Priscilla( I wish she was his current girlfriend, she is awesome) came for a visit first thing in the morning and then a bit later Amanda and her hubby Jay came by. Thank you for the gorgeous keepsake photoalbum guys, it will be treasured forever. In the afternoon on Monday Mommy and Hannah escaped from the world for a couple hours and went and visited the people at work. Of course she was a hit, but we didn't stay long because the 2nd floor was sick. I never thought I would say this but, I miss work. I miss the energy, the people and the excitement of the hunt and kill. I am sure that I will be good and ready to go back by September of next year, especially since I will be going back as a level 3 agent :) I found that out when I popped in on Monday, just goes to prove that those who work hard are rewarded accordingly.

Tuesday we had no in house visitors but Grandpa John was on his way through London so we went to the Flying J and met him for a few minutes so that he could see Hannah again. She looks totally different to him now since the last time that he saw her she was only a couple hours old and all bundled up in blankets, yesterday she had on pretty pink velour overalls and looked like a doll :) After a quick visit with Grandpa we went over to visit Auntie Aimee, Uncle Bill and Caelan. The cats and Brynn(the dog) we so curious of Hannah and Auntie Aimee was totally in love. Uncle Bill didn't get to spend much time with Miss Hannah because Caelan was in no mood to share his Daddy with anyone yesterday. When we were getting ready to leave Caelan finally acknowledged Baby Hannahpan... Soon I am sure he will be all over her, until then we will patiently wait for him to come around.

Tuesday was huge milestone day for Hannah though, she lost her stumpy :) Daddy was changing her diaper while Mommy was trying to nap when it came off. Daddy of course had to come in and wake Mommy up to tell her, he was so excited and proud of his little girl. It was cute.

Well today is the last day of Summer/ first day of Fall, and so far I am not sure what the day will entail, when Daddy gets up Mommy is gonna go have a couple hours of Mommy time, wash the Jeep and do some groceries, you know adult things but after that who knows what will be on the agenda.

Time to go steal a quick shower while sleeping beauty is still sleeping.

Mother hood still rocks BTW, I love it, even when she cries all day.
New pictures on My Flicker Site too.

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Grama F said...

I can't believe how much Miss Hannah has grown just in the few days since I've seen her. Can't wait to see her again. I'm thinking about bringing Grama a up to see her. More details later. Love Mom aka Grama F.