Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe it's because...

I have a baby in the car now, or maybe it's because all the students are back in the city, or maybe it's because I am getting older, but damn is there a lot of bad drivers in the City of London. I can't count how many times in the past 2 weeks I have encountered a horrific driver. Why isn't there a website that you can go to that will allow you to post the make model and liscence plate number of all vehicles that contain bad drivers. Then of course a description of the bad driver too since we all know that cars have many drivers. I think that this would be an excellent contribution to society.

So now that I have a child, there is endless amounts of paperwork that needs to be done in order to register your child as a human being ( I should have tried to register her as a puppy to see if it was any easier). I have even made it into City Hall to give them money so that Hannah can be officially born (who would have thought that there is a $30 fee to be born)! Dealing with the city of London has been the least painful portion of the government to deal with so far. I mean I have dealt with the Provincial divisions with the maternity leave (PIA), Federal divisions with child tax credit (bigger PIA) and now municipal for the record of live birth. The lady that I dealt with @ City Hall was pleasent and I even got to use interact( holy crap the government made something convenient!), I would say the whole process took less that 3 minutes. It actually took me longer to ride the elevator up and down, and took me 10 x a long to fill out all the paperwork. Way to Go City Hall for doing something right!

Now can you try and clean up the riff raff that live in my neighbourhood?

As for my neighbourhood, last week there was a shooting about a block from my house, and 2 nights ago Chris was outside working on the Jeep and two grown men, in their 40's, decided that our intersection was the perfect place to start a brawl. Chris in all his manly stature walked over with the handle to his jeep jack and promptly told them to leave the neighbourhood before he ended the fight... LOL, go figure they left! Within minutes half a dozen cruisers showed up (of course the involved men had already bolted). The response time for the cops in this area is impeccable since we are only 2 blocks from the cop shop, and pinched conveniently between a Country Style and a Timmies! As terrible as the neighbourhood sounds, I feel ridiculously safe here due to the fact that I am so close to the cop shop.

Still, I can't wait to move. We really want to buy a house, hopefully in the spring, definatly before I go back to work. At this point I don't even care where we move to as long as we have a yard for Hannah so she can play in the grass and so we can get a puppy for her to grow up with. I also require high speed internet and Chris requires a garage, other than that our requirements are pretty minimal. I look forward to having a home, a place that I can paint or renovate ordo what ever I want without having to worry about a landlord.

Well that is all for now, need to get ready Hannah has a hearing test today.

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