Sunday, August 21, 2005

Update on BP

Well the news is not good. I am still on full bedrest and my midwife made it clear that I am not to leave the house, even for her appts, I don't think she understands that I will find more to do in the house than I would if I left the house.

My BP yesterday was 155/88, when I saw her the very first time my BP was 118/70, so as you can see it has gone up a lot, hence her distress and concern.

If the bottom # goes up by 2 more then I get admitted.

I am scared shittless to say the least. Scared to the point that I can't sleep.

The more I think and write about it the more scared that I get. Can't blog right now, gonna go play mindless Xbox.

1 comment:

Karen said...

patience... It will all be okay... but then again, patience has never been your strong suit. lol