Monday, August 22, 2005

Hospital Visit Today...

Well it confirms it, I hate hospitals, still, even if it is "different" in labour and delivery. Please tell me why it is that when you go to a hospital they feel it necessary to treat you like a robot and plug you into everything that they can. Last time I checked I did not run on a circuit board, nor do I require a boost. Arrrgh!

Anyway, may day panned out as me feeling really crappy when I woke up so I called my midwife and she came over and took my BP and checked the baby and such. Everything was OK except my BP 156/94 and 140/92, so she sent me off to the hospital for observation and blood work. Well as soon as I got to the hospital they plugged me in and drew blood. My BP had come back down, 140/86 and remained that or lower for the next 2 checks. After being there for upwards of 3 hours I got to see a resident(no not a real doctor, and resident!) She was nice, but either way she was not a doctor and that kinda chaps my but since not only did I get to see 1 resident I got to see 2! In my books 2 residents does not equal a doctor. It is not like beer where 2 half bottles make a full glass. But either way she/they explained to me my blood test results(which my really nice nurse had already done.... ummmm thanks for the refresh!) So as it stood my platelets were down a bit and one of my renal function reading were up a bit. Both readings were borderline but the residents were still concerned enough to want to clear it with their "boss"(as she put it, aka a full fledge bonafied doctor)before sending me home.
So I got released and they sent me home with a list of instructions for reasons to return. The funny part is, that the "list" is exactly what my midwife has been telling me, and was the reason she sent me in the first place.
Arrrrgh hospitals piss me off.
So for the recap, I am at home, on bedrest, and not being induced today. I go back to the hospital for more bloodwork on Thursday and we will see then.

3 things I am wishing/hoping for... if someone else wants to pray for them go right ahead if that is your thing... I am not a big prayer.

1. To not be induced!
2. To be able to labour at home, I hate the thought of having to be plugged in when I am trying to deal with an excruciating amount of pain without painkillers.
3. That my levels and readings permit me to have the above 2.

Thanks for listening all.


Joanna said...

Being in labour at home is not as much fun as you might think.

Caraloopy said...

Hey Leanne

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I have been thinking about you. I hope everything goes well and that you have a safe delivery very soon!
Take care

Leanne said...

Caraloopy :) You found me :)
I gather you made it back to Florida :)

RebSteb said...

Hang in there and keep listening to yourself and your midwife.

Reading your blog today I had a total flashback to my own torment, dealing with the "qualified professionals" in the health care system.

My problems were mainly with nurses, interns and reception though.

Wait til your first early AM visit to emerg with your sick baby/toddler/child. Suspected terrorists are treated with more respect and responsiveness than a worried mother and sick baby in a Canadian emergency room.