Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Papercuts, Glue, Hand Cramps and Elevation

Ah the joys of addressing Thank-You cards.

So since the heat and humidity have not really subsided and the fact that I am swollen up like a beach ball, my life is very much confined to the air conditioned apartment. Believe you me I am not complaining about the fact that I have A/C! Especially since I don't pay the hydro bill, I can't imagine being my landlord though.

As for the heading of this post, it is what I spent my day doing. I spent the better part of the day filling out Thank-You cards for all the beautiful gifts that we got at the baby shower. Papercuts really suck on your tongue, but the advantage to licking all those envelopes is that the glue seals the cut...lol a weird win win situation.

As for the elevation that is for the swelling. I saw my midwife yesterday and in the past 2 weeks I have put on over 6lbs... We both know that it is water retention because I am swelling like mad... I got told to put my feet up as much as I can. My BP is fine and the baby looks good so she is not worried about any other complications to could be indicative from the swelling. She thinks the baby has dropped since I am now measuring 33cm at 36.5 weeks and at 34 weeks I was measuring 34! Either the baby was in a weird position or she/he has dropped. I guess we will know more at the visit next week.

It appears that we may have a new name on the horizon... Chris sprung on me earlier this week that he no longer likes Mackenzie for a boy(he picked it initially so I guess he has the right to change his mind about it). We are tossing around a few names at the moment, Cameron(my choice), Cole(his choice) and some other random ones. The middle name will remain the same, John Thomas, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anyhoo time for feet up again.


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