Monday, August 29, 2005

Hospital Visit The Season Finale...

Bottom line my BP was 124/71 :) The lowest so far since I have been on bedrest.
Now that was after 2+ hours of monitoring because when they took it the first time it was through the roof (154/95), funny how I told the nurse that it was gonna be, Why? Well hospitals suck of course.

I arrive for my appointment as per the prescheduled time from last Thursday and guess what,
No one had any idea why I was there!
I spent the first 30 minutes raising my blood pressure trying to repeatedly explain myself to 3 different nurses why I was there and what was to be done. Well since they didn't believe me they called my midwife who explained exactly what I said and then the process got rolling.

They plugged me in ( baby looked awesome by the way), took my blood again( I look like a junkie at this point) and made me pee in the cup. All was normal, except for the blood work because after 2.5 hours we are still waiting for the damn results.

So when the nurse came in to tell me that the Dr.(aka the boss) said that I did not need an ultrasound unless the blood results came back abnormal( keep in mind we have been waiting almost 2 hours for the bloodwork at this point), I looked at her and said " I want to see the doctor!"

The nurse complained that she was not paid enough to take this kind of flack, blah blah blah, I stopped listening, and that she would see if she could track down the Dr.(aka the boss).

I tried to explain to the nurse how un-nerving it was for me to be taking advice from a person that I have never met, and was very irritated that I had to be brought back to the same place that raises my BP and be told what to do by nurses and non doctors when this person that is giving all the orders has never laid eyes on me. Needless to say, I got my way.

I finally met the Dr.(aka the boss) and she was very nice. She apologized for the performance of her resident on Thursday in regard to the internal exam, and agreed to release me back into midwifery care without any concern. She figures that my BP is a 'whitecoat issue', which I agree with, but as long as I am being monitored by my midwife she has agreed to take a conservative back seat. She said that the only reason for me to come back to the hospital is to deliver, unless I go farther than 41.5 weeks then she will be inducing me. This I understand, since research shows that after 41 weeks the placenta starts to not work as effectively and increases the chance of stillborn, which I don't want at all.

So the experience ended on a positive note, in the fact that I don't have to deal with them anymore....phew. I just wish that once I could have a positive experience at the hospital. I do have to say though, even though the nurses were inept today they were very nice, they all offered me food and drink and tried to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

3 days till my due date... Come on baby lets get the show on the road!


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