Friday, August 26, 2005

Ok I get it... My BP is up...

Hello my name is Leanne and I am a stubborn Taurus.
Yes I must have things happen a million times before I get it.
My midwife just left and my BP is still borderline.
140/88 was today's reading.

We talked about induction and how pain meds and such and she figures that I will end up going on my own. That makes me feel better.

I really took it easy today too, have done absolutely nothing other than shower and make food, plus 8 million trips to the potty, and it was still up.
I just want this baby to come out so that I can go back to being normal. Or as normal as I have ever been.

We talked about the ultrasound on Monday and she said that it is a good idea just to be safe, and it is rare that a midwife will encourage an additional ultrasound, so I will heed her advice.

I am getting sad, being in the house is driving me nuts, because I was feeling cruddy today I did not go for the walk that I wanted and did not get fishies. I am however going out for dinner tomorrow, I even told my midwife that I was... she smiled and said "well then I will try and come before you go".

I would really like Celeste to deliver my baby, we talked about that too and she reassured me that Lisa is a great midwife... I think I am just more comfortable with Celeste because I have seen her everyday for a week and a half now.

Oh and get this the Dr.(aka the boss) never got in touch with my midwife today, surprised? Not in the slightest. But the nurse who was attending to me yesterday was kind enough to call her while I was at the hospital to ask my previous BP readings, after I had offered her my chart!

Again my opinion on hospitals and western medicine becomes more solid every day!

Well that is all tonight.
Alas one day soon I will no longer be pregnant, and I will finally be a Mom.

P.S. I would love a piece of Carrot Cake right now.... mmmmm carrot cake :)

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mike said...

damnit if you wanted carrot cake, I could have hooked you up. you just had to say so.