Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hospital Visit Part Deux, or Duh depending on your take...

So I have seen my midwife everyday this week, so that she can check me out.
Well I have been on bedrest all week and have basically done nothing other than become addicted to playing The Playboy Mansion on X-Box. I gotta say, being Heff is pretty damn cool, I have never seen so many over inflated boobies in my entire

Anyway back to the bedrest, so my BP has been down all week, and there has been no signs of protein in my urine(a sign of bad things when you are pregnant), the baby has been moving lots and his/her heartbeat has been excellent. My midwife was so impressed that she just shrugged her shoulders in confusion as to why my BP was up. I told her that it was the fact that I have had company for the past week and that it stresses me out. Don't get me wrong, I love company, when they are invited, not when they show up on their own agenda and stay for a week.

So my numbers for this week were this...
Monday @ home 156/94, 140/92... this lead to the hospital visit
Monday @ hospital 140/86, 135/84, 136/85 this lead to go home and rest come back Thursday have your blood done again. Meanwhile urine and BP monitored by your midwife all week.
Tuesday @ home 130/80
Wednesday @ home 138/84
Today I go to the hospital and boom up it goes 146/91, 133/92.

So they draw blood make me pee in a cup and tell me to sit and chill while I am plugged in to the machine that knows more than me(no I am not bitter).

So as I am sitting there, by myself, freaking out, cuz that is what I do when I am in a hospital, the resident, of course no doctor again, comes in and tells me that her boss thinks that I should be induced and that she needs to check my cervix. Well pardon me for being offended. I love how someone can make a judgment call like that without ever meeting me.
So I proceed to ask her, "How was my blood and urine?"
Her response "Normal!"
So I say, "You want to induce me because my BP is a up a bit because I am stressed out by being in the hospital?, or you want to induce me because it is the best thing for the baby?"
her response "The baby looks fine and we are just concerned that it might(yes I repeat she used the might word) get worse."
So I told her "Over my dead body are you inducing me unless it is necessary for the baby's health!"
She got annoyed with me,(well boo hoo, sorry that I didn't make your job easy), and then tells me that I have to come back Monday for more bloodwork and observation and an ultrasound and that I am still on bedrest. At this point I asked her to release me back into midwifery care and she said that I had never left it, I told her that my midwife was under the impression that I was now an obstetrical patient and that I needed to be released back into her care. I asked if the Dr.(aka her boss) would call the midwife and clear this up, her response... "I will tell her". Not a yes or no, another might or maybe in my books.
So as I proceed to get up she tells me that she can't let me leave until she checks me. Ummm Pardon me? You mean that you can't let me out of here until you dawn the glove and do your thing?
Ummm screw you comes to mind!
So even though there was no need to do it, and I felt violated because I was given no choice, I proceed to let her do her thing.
With a puzzled look on her face she announces "Well you are not dilated, I don't think that we need to induce you."
Chalk one up for the mom to be about being right about the body that she has lived in for 30 years. I mean come on, with dilation comes pain, aka contractions(not always but more common then not in first time moms), and I think that I would be aware of them if I were having them.
See this is why I hate hospitals and western medicine in general.
So I called my midwife when I got home, she was as annoyed and confused as I was, and she will take it up with the Dr.(aka the boss) tomorrow.
It is a wonder why I never go to the hospital, or the doctor for that matter.
My blood pressure can't handle western medicine.
So AMA(against medical advice) I am going for a walk tomorrow, gonna go buy some new fish for the tank and Saturday Chris is taking me to Bertoldi's for dinner to celebrate our last weekend before parenthood sets in.
Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to do any harm to me or the baby, but being a type A Taurus, I am driving myself crazy in the house.
I will keep you all posted on the progress.
You know because we have reservations on Saturday that I will go into labour, Murphy's law!
L8R all.

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michael said...

thinking of and reading you. been there 3 times but not in the sense of "being there". i think you look cute in your fatness. i sense that you are happy. hope baby is cute in its fatness and happy as well.