Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Weekend Has Come to an End

Well Chris and I went away this weekend. Went and hung out at his Mom's house in the big bad metropolis of Beaverton Ontario. The town is so small that I was totally amazed that it even had a website. I guess that just goes to prove how technologically advanced the world is becoming.

All and all it was a very relaxing weekend. The purpose of the trip was to take drop Chris off for the week so that he can fix the Jeep, an 83 CJ7, the teal coloured one, in the Baja drop down menu > Baja 2001. Well he is still there and I am back in London while he works on repairing the rear axle at the family welding shop. But that is not the point of my story, yesterday we shopped the whole day away. We started off at some random Jeep store where I bought a new hat, a Jeep one of course, and then we proceeded to Ikea!, where of course you cannot go without buying something. We went to the new one on 404 and Finch just north of Toronto. We happened to show up the first day of a markdown sale. Ended up getting a new desk, TV stand and some other random Ikea stuff. All and all a great start to the day. The deal shopping had begun. Next we headed to Chris's Favourite Store, and surprisingly enough only did "research". In other words chatted with the guys in the shop wandered around looking at modifications and basically wasted an hour or so getting other Jeep fanatics opinions on customization that is required to fix the rear axel. After that we headed into Ajax and went to Future Shop to get my parents a webcam, and then to the best bargain place of the day.... Old Navy. They are having there winter clearance event this weekend it was well worth the wait in line. For 68 bucks tax included I got 2 new pair of work pants, 2 wool sweaters and the deal of the day, a pair of cords for 6 bucks! Canadian or American that is one hell of a deal. The deals aside though the store was a zoo and the employees were still in peak attitude and as helpful as always. Way to go to the management of the Ajax store, your employees are a direct reflection of a job well done.

So after Old Navy we did some other random shopping, Costco, Chapters and got some gas for the car at Sunoco and then went on to Montana's where we had reservations for dinner. There was 8 of us in total, Mom and Dad drove from Port Hope, Chris and I came in from Ajax and Joan( Chris's Mom) Nat and the kids all came came down from Beaverton. We figured it was the easiest meeting point for all of us. Unfortunately experience was not up to par. I love eating there the food is usually amazing, however yesterday that was not the case. Our server did not choose her attitude and was not having any fun, nor was she being there! The meal was below par and the restaurant was very cold. All things aside though we all had a great time a bunch of laughs and totally enjoyed each others company. The manager provided us with nearly 40 dollars in coupons after realizing that Joan was not kidding when she attempted to saw through her steak at the expense of one now wavy fork.The manager did her job and made our day by rectifying the previous misfortunes. Oddly enough this also resulted in a server who's attitude was then chosen for her, and the night ended on a good note.

Well that is all I have to chat about at the moment, gonna go relax and have some of Joan's homemade Cabbage Rolls that were sent home with me.

Smile eh! If only to exercise the muscles in your face :o)

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