Sunday, January 11, 2004

Got a Web Cam :o)

Well the title says it all.

One of the other former Teletechers (aka DJ Biz) got me onto the idea. We chatted for hours last night with him on his web cam. It was great! I have not seen him in ages and I didn't even have to leave my house to do so :) Way more addictive than the regular for of the internet. So Chris came home from work with one tonight. I am now the proud user of a QuickCam Zoom. It is the coolest thing I think I have ever used. It has this auto face tracking option that is crazy precise. Chris came into the room and it picked up his face instantly and moved the camera's focus to him! It also has a built in mic and lot of other cool advanced features. I chatted with my parents for a bit with it too. They are no longer cyber virgins. I think my Dad may become a bit of a cyber slut, his addiction is rapidly forming. From the very first webcam session he is now jonzing for one of his very own! It is a contagious affliction that will soon infiltrate our entire web community. Way to go Dad! I am so proud of you.

I think that the internet should be a mandatory requirement between all parents and their long distance children. It is better than big fat LD phone bills and so much more convenient! It's way easier to get Mom's chocolate ship recipe via chat then over the phone. Hint Hint Hint :o)

So my red little Nissan required emergency surgery this morning. Good thing I have a qualified surgeon living under the same roof as me. A $28.75 repair thanks to Canadian Tire . I blew the clutch cable in the Sentra last night on the way back from Walmart. I had my suspicions that there was something up in the past week due to an odd little crunching noise that accompanied about 75% of all shifts. Well last night I heard the mother of all crunches and then shifting became very labourious. This little course of events led to the surgery this morning before driving Chris to work. All is well now though! I was a wee bit panicked that long anticipated road trip for tomorrow to NAIAS would have to be cancelled for yet another year. However all is well on the auto front, if only the weather would co-operate. We have received about 2.5 inches of snow in the past 5 hours or so, and it is the fine, moist, constantly falling stuff that all drivers dread. It appears, according to the Weather Networks Highway Link that the highway is clear and according to the radar it is almost past us. I guess we will know at 7 am EST if the trip is a go! I hear my next door neighbour out shovelling the driveway again, he was doing it when I came home at 5:30pm as well, it is now 8:47pm and this is his third time today, I wonder how many more times he will attempt it?

Oh a strange fact for you, not really strange, more so a six degrees of separation thing.

So being from Port Hope , population 12 500 last time I was home, now happily relocated in London population 320 000 give or take a few, you never expect to run into people from home very often. I can honestly say that maybe a dozen times in the past almost 5 years have I encountered someone that I know from home. Well I move into my current apartment to see a Honda in the driveway from of all places Cobourg Honda. Cobourg is the rival small town next to Port Hope on the map. The rivallry between the two towns is long standing and very strong. However, the neighbours that shovel the snow are local Cobourgians! Go figure! They are super nice people and I have nothing bad to say about them, I even excuse the fact that I have to share a driveway with a Cobourg Honda, however the fact of the matter is that all rivalries aside, he shovels the driveway after each and every snow fall. Bless his Cobourg roots!

Any way time for Law and Order Criminal Intent.

Smile :)


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