Tuesday, January 20, 2004

15 minutes to Blog then must Go to Work

Hey all, so as it appears I did not have the opportunity to blog again on my day off. Actually I slept almost all day. I woke up after the inaugural night of DDing and felt like I drank a 2-4! After sleep, and a whole lot of it, I was feeling better. Strange how that is.

So I read Jo's Blog today and had my first honourable mention in the land of blogging again. Thanks Jo :-) (BTW the link is not working). The strange thing that I took away from her entry is that I actually have an impact on the lives of those around me. I remember the day that I gave her that piece of advice, if I recall it was during the days of Assenstein. My how times have changed.... For the better of course.

So since I am short on time today, I want to leave a lasting impression.

~~~ If there is only one thing productive that you do today thank the one that you never thank. Wave back at that stranger who smiles at you, thank the person who holds the door open for you while you rush in out of the cold, or email everyone in your address book and thank them for being in your life. We don't take the time anymore in our busy lives to thank each other enough. Without each other our lives would be pretty dull, don't ya think?~~~

So, thanks :o) to all of you who read this and all of you who should be reading this, I appreciate all of you for the little things that you do in my life.

Smile... It's not Monday :oP


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