Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Auto Show and Stuff

So I went to my very first auto show. Of course my first time had to be with the worlds largest and most famous. It was absolutely incredible. That about sums it up. I was awwwww struck for hours and have been talking about it for days now. You could say that it has had a lasting impression on me.

Good things have happened at work this week as well. I am officially the first recipient at the Sherwood Forest branch of GoodLife Fitness to receive the Platinum Pen Award. It is awarded to the top Personal Training Sales in each divisional group. It is literally a heavy weight platinum pen, with the company logo engraved on it. My first month on the job and I score the award. Yeah Me :)

Got some patch bucks today as well. For those of you who are previous or current TeleTechers, this is similar to the old scratch cards, except..... They have dollar values hidden under the pull tab. Me being very naive and thinking that a buck equals a dollar opened up my first one and got $100! The next two produced 10 dollars each. Not too bad for a few good deeds. LOL. With these Patch bucks we can buy anything that is GoodLife related, proshop stuff, tanning packages, personal training, upgrade courses stuff like that. So I bought a bottle of tanning lotion and a spot in the Core Circuit Training program. The program is 8 sessions with one of the trainers doing a circuit workout concentrating on the abs and back muscles that make up the core of the body. I think I am going to be in serious pain after this one but hopefully it will give me the push to get back into the gymly routine, if you know what I mean. One would think that because you work in the gym that you would work out all the time, this is not the case at all. I have worked out a grand total of three times in the past 5 weeks. Working 60 + hours a week really squashes the desire to spend another 5 or 6 working out. I think I may go back to the principle that I am going to workout at Galleria and work at Sherwood. It amayzes me how many people work at Galleria and workout at Sherwood. This must be the trick.

So my new camera that I spoke of in my last entry is even more amazing then I thought. We currently live in an old 3 storey home that has been renovated into three apartments one on each floor. The floor above us is occupied by two very noisy gentlemen. Both of the two believe that they are up and coming musicians and play their stereo and their guitars ( electric of course) in a very loud decibel range. When I arrived home from work tonight at around 8:15 or so, I could hear the noise before I turned off my car. So you can imagine how loud it was inside the house. So we recorded it, for proof of course, since the cops never believe that there is anything going on when we call because of course them tone it down as soon as the see the car pull in the driveway. We recorded it with the mic that is built into the new web cam. It is so sensitive that it picked up the rattling of the light in the room from the vibrations of the stereo speaker. Another plus for the camera!

Well the camera has now led me into many mssgr conversations so I will end this for now.
More later.

Smile.... You know why


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