Saturday, January 10, 2004

The First one :0) Of Part Two

Well after a seriously long sabbatical, I now have my own computer, my own connection and my own chance to blog till my little heart desires. First thing I would like to let all of you know is .... Be patient with the frequency of my blogging please. I have since started a new job at GoodLife Fitness and it monopolizes nearly 60 hours a week of my time. The advantage though is, I think I have found my passion. I am really awesome at my job and look forward to going there each and everyday, believe it or not! When I was at Teletech they claimed to participate in the Fish! Philosophy however after going to a company that really takes the philosophies to heart I now understand how it was supposed to be. Choosing your attitude is the biggest one, almost impossible as an agent on the Verizon project because it is chosen for you. A word of advice for those of you who are left there, do not let the size of your paycheck keep you there. Look at your life, look at the important things and go after them. The $$ will come in the form of happiness, and if you have to cut a few material luxuries to create personal happiness then it is well worth it. Trust me I have discovered this and am living proof that $$$ cannot buy happiness, nor is it a substitute for it. Starting at GoodLife has really changed my view on life, for the better, finally. For all new employees at GoodLife you have to read two different books in your first week. This is to determine if you will fit in with the company and it's ideals. The first one is Living the GoodLife by David Patchell - Evans, a simplistic model of how the world needs to rethink health and fitness, I had already read it but the 2nd one I had not. It is an interesting book, has some 'flighty' ideas in it but the core of it and the intentions can be life changing if you let them be. If you are looking for a simple read, or a redirection to a portion of life that most of us forget, lose or have not found yet try reading Happiness is a Choice . try it you may be happily surprised. If you are broke and cannot afford to buy it, or don't have a Library Card , email me and I will lend you my copy.

So a lot of other things have changed since I last attempted to maintain a blog. I have moved, in with Chris. We have a cute little apartment that we got really cheap, and the location is awesome, not EOA and near downtown! Things are awesome between us, took some adjusting, but we are slowly getting to understand each other and how to live together. The first couple weeks was very trying for both of us though. Typical for any new living arrangement though. I bought a car, nothing special 1990 Nissan Sentra , it is red and I got a kick ass deal on it. It is amazing on gas, drives well, and has not let me down yet. No complaints. I now understand why there are two Nissans in my sisters driveway. Ah the freedom of a car!

Just an update for you on Mr. Burns ... We think he may be a pure bread Maine Coon, for those of you who have seen him before check out this site. So he is not so fat after all! The average member of his breed is 18 lbs!

Any hoo I will blog more later, need to get ready for work.

Smile, it won't kill you!

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