Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Night Of Firsts

We went to the Lawyer tonight. Our intention was to meet some friends there to celebrate and unknown persons birthday, however we got stood up! Go figure! My guess was that the crowd there was to old for the originals to partake in. Oh well, I love the Lawyer, always a great time and one of the few bars in the city that I don't feel like I am babysitting a bunch of drunken Co-Eds while I am enjoying a night out. So as the firsts go... Tonight was the first night I have ever successfully completed a mission to be the DD! I have had many failed attempts in the past to be the DD, usually supposedly driving someone else's car home at the end of the night. However, every previous attempted always ended up with me totally shitfaced and all of us in either an About Town or a U Need A cab. I guess the reason that tonight was so different was that it was my own car. The only other person entitled to drive it was shitfaced, at least 3 beers past his 6 beer staggering point, so that left me to be responsible. I am proud to say that I consumed 1 large Blue Light ( mmmm fresh draft beer :oP```) , and 3 glasses of water while everyone else (less LVR and The Google Master who were also DDing it), got completely blazoed. I guess this means that I am maturing! Wow, never thought that would happen.

So even though we got stood up it turned out to be a great evening out. Ran into an old friend, another former TeleTecher, who has since moved on( not on his own accord mind you, but escaped non the less). He always made me laugh when I worked with him, however tonight he made me laugh more than usual. Thanks RD, it has been one of those weeks that I really needed a full on belly laugh, you always manage to get those out of me :-)

Other than that, I really don't have much else to blog about, Chris is passed out cold on the futon, he made it in the house, down the stairs and all the way to the futon before passing out. At least he got his shoes off.

Tomorrow is my day off so I will likely make another entry tomorrow at some point.

BTW, have you had a good strong belly laugh today? Don't you think it's time?


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