Sunday, February 01, 2004

Free GoodLife Membership Giveway Tonight

Hey all well it is SuperBowl Sunday.

It has been a crazy crazy week so it only seems fitting the end the week on a high note and start a new month on the same note.

For all of you who made a New Years resolution to lose 10 pounds, get in shape, eat better, quit smoking... I ask you... " Have you stuck to your new years resolution yet?" Better yet, "Did you take action with your resolution this year or is it just talk like every other year?" Well, I can help you make it a reality this year... Come to Jack Astor's tonight, North end, Come to Jack Astor's tonight, Fanshawe Road and you can win one of 5 free memberships. Plus to make it even easier I am giving away a tonne of free personal training with various different trainers at our club.Sorry for sounding like an advertisment but this is super exciting. Do you realize that some of the packages that are being given away are worth almost $200.

Either way, if you can't make it email me at and I will hook you up with a free pass to the club.

Have a great one today.


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