Sunday, February 22, 2004

I know I said I would blog today....

But I really am in no mood to. I have been in a shit mood since I read a certain persons blog yesterday. This person will remain description and nameless. I am just really disappointed. Maybe it is because I am in a better place in my life, maybe it is because I only harbour grudges to people who have actually done stuff to me or maybe it is because she blatantly called me a liar online. Oh well I see things have not changed. Needless to say it has been bugging me all weekend and I am in no mood to chat. Hopefully I will get rid of the mood and be able to salvage some of this weekend.

Bottom line is, I have finally found things that I am happy about and things that make me happy all the time, I guess there are reasons why I only communicate with a couple aspects of that part of my past. Those of you who I do, you know who you are and I thank you for being there still. For those of you who read this and are not regular parts of my life, there are reasons why.


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