Thursday, February 26, 2004

Something I forgot...

So the City Of London is striking tonight. The first impact that will be noticed is that there will be no garbage pick up after the strike begins tonight at midnight. Guess who's garbage day is tomorrow morning! Oh Oh Oh! Pick me I know I know I know..... That is me dammit! Included are several other people that I know in the immediate area. Lat time the city went out on strike it last like 4 weeks or so except it was in the heat of the summer so the city was stinky, really stinky! I guess with it being winter will help ward off the smell, lets just hope that it doesn't snow!

On the flip side, when people can't use public recreation places it improves the business for those of us who are private which directly translates into $$$$ for GoodLife :o)

Gotta run

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