Sunday, February 29, 2004

Day Off Blog

So since it was my day off thought it would be only fitting that I blogged a bit.

It was 11 degrees Celsius here today. An awesome day to have off. Chris and I went out in the Jeep for a few hours, it was really nice to finally have the windows open again. I love the fact that there is now tunes in it makes the Jeep that much more enjoyable. I forgot how many people stare at it. Everywhere we went people were all looking up at us. I love it! Not that I am a huge attention seeker, but the attention is always nice. So I found out that my boss and her boyfriend discovered the Jeep as well. It turns out that they were out for a drive yesterday when Chris was on his way to work. Her boyfriend pulled over to let him pass because he wanted to get a better look at it. I find it totally hilarious! I talked to her at work and the first thing she said was... "Is Chris's Jeep black with big tires and a huge stereo in it?" I just laughed.

All in all the day off was completely unproductive, I have my first GM meeting tomorrow at Home Office. Eight straight hours of listening to sure talk. A Yawner I am sure, but I am actually a wee bit nervous, pretty sure I will be the only new one in the room. I guess that means that there will be attention on me again, better be on my best behaviour. LOL

Thanks to the Googlemaster for pointing out the fact that my blog counter jumped a huge amount today. Must be the Bloggerama tag I picked up from Princess.

Oh on one of my Google adventures today I found this awesome link for those of you who are concerned about getting enough protein in your diet.

Sorry it is a small entry today, if I were to get into the semantics of my life at the moment you would be bored as hell, work, work, work.

Have you smiled today for no reason? Maybe you should!


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