Monday, October 24, 2005

Li'l Goats

As I am sure I have mentioned before I have found a wonderful line of baby products that work miracles on Hannah's sensitive skin. She was fortunate enough to inherit my fragrance sensitivity which has made bathtime and diaper changes a bit of a crap shoot( no pun intended).

Well the line of products that I have found to be saving grace is Canus Li'l Goats Milk!

The weekend of Hannah's first road trip I didn't their line of zinc cream with me substituting it for a small container of Penatin that I had in the diaper bag... Well that was a HUGE mistake! Hannah's poor little bum became red and raw after only 1 diaper change with Penatin. I had some Sudocreme with me too and the same results occurred. Needless to say I had one cranky passenger on my hands all weekend. As soon as I got home I changed her and slathered on the Li'l Goats Milk Zinc Ointment, by the next diaper change her bum was back to normal!

Now any of you who have kiddies know how ear piercing a sore bum cry is, so this product not only helps her bum it also helps my ears!

So after that weekend I decided to send Canus a quick email stating how I was thrilled with the product and how I have since then recommended it to several friends and even given it as gifts. I received a response from a lovely lady named Ann thanking me for my email and requesting my address so that she could send me a parcel of samples. I so obliged and it arrived today. I am now sitting her with a full size bottle of the Li'l Goats Milk Moisturizing Lotion and a sample size of the Shampoo/Body wash. Due to the excessive handwashing associated with having a baby the lotion was much appreciated and used immediately. It too meets the same product excellence as their Zinc Ointment, not only great for babies but great for Mommys!

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, it is so rare in today's day and age to find great customer service coupled with great products. Way to go Canus!

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John said...

Speaking of Lil Goats you need to go out to the Pumpkin patch just north of the city and thank the goats they have there for their milk while you are picking out a pumpkin.