Thursday, October 13, 2005

Following mkuiack's lead


Top Ten Reasons I Love My New Job
aka Mom!

10. A year off of my other job.
9. Shopping for little girls is so much fun.
8. The look in her eyes when she looks at me.
7. The look in his eyes when he looks at her.
6. The freedom to nap, repeatedly!
5. The peacefulness of a baby's sleep.
4. The smell of her.
3. Bathtime Smiles.
2. They said I would never be one, but love brought her.

and the number one reason why I love my new job.....

1. Because it is the hardest job I have ever had with the crapiest pay but the biggest rewards, no other job could match unconditional love.


Anonymous said...

Leanne: you missed your calling; you should have been a writer. Of course, it's never too late to start. Mom

Anonymous said...

...give her a few months and you might bump #4 a little further down the list.

Danielle said...

When we met 5 years ago I would never have imagined that you would be in this place... I have never seen you happier or at peace....

You have become such an amazing mother - you have always had an amazing heart and soul and now you found your calling - ok hormonal sappy post is now complete!!!