Thursday, October 20, 2005

Huge day in my world

Well it started with a visit to the midwife... Hannah is back on the gaining path and is finally over 7lbs! She is up 7 oz in 7 days and is now 7lbs 4oz! Go boobie moo!

Then the 3 of us went out looking at houses today... (another arson fire in the neighbourhood tonight, just pure coincidence)... and actually put in a conditional offer on one the agent took us by on his hunch that we might like it. The first 2 we looked at were dumps with great lots the second is a gem with a pretty good lot in a better neighbourhood... check it out!



1 comment:

John said...

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!!!
Good news about Hannah.

And! I will keep my fingers crossed for offers going through.