Monday, October 24, 2005

The Baker's Rack

The Baker's Rack

For the baker in all of us! I found this site by way of Carmi.

I will let you all know how the apple cake turns out, I intend to bake it today if my darling Hannah will nap for a couple of hours.

Speaking of napping, Hannah has slept 6 consecutive hours in a row 2 nights in a row, from 9ish to 3:25am. Now if only we can get her to move that from say 11pm to 5am then sleep would not be such a novelty for Mommy!


Michelle said...

I am glad you enoyed the cake! I never thought of putting in the cinnamon & nutmeg! I did however think of frosting it lightly with a carmel icing! Thanks for them mention and for stopping by my site! Have a great day!

Leanne said...

I too thought of the carmel icing.... mmm yummy either way. This is a cake i will make again for sure.